The Unshakable Personality of Prince Lawrence Ezeh, by Ifebuchi Williams

Obviously, Engr Ezeh is an unshakable personality which I may not be able to elucidate further on, as most of the evidences abound around us.

It is also crystal clear that, Engr Lawrence Ezeh, the five star Prince of Mburubu town, in Nkanu East Local Government Council of Enugu State is an unshakable resource person following his unpretentious and unprecedented track records.He is a man whose heart is open and ready to give back to the society at all costs, despite having little at his disposal without minding what society can do for him.

Engr Ezeh, who is also known as’ Agu di Ebube nke mbu n’Nkanu, CEO, Buzuzu Construction Company and Chairman of Prince and Princess Lawrence Ezeh’s Foundation, Deep Well Technical Ltd to mention but a few, is a servant leader, who practically understands the possible solution towards salvaging sociocultural, economic and political issues with moral and ethical principles of leadership.No doubt, Engr Ezeh, the illustrious son of Mburubu, born in the family of His Royal Majesty, Igwe E. M. O Ezeh (JP) Eze Ozulumba nke mbu na Mburubu Kingdom is a bridge builder who has friends and wide contacts across the globe as a detribalized man and astute leader cum business mogul.

Ezeh is also a servant leader who understands the problems, with a willing heart towards providing the needed remedy.

Ezeh for ages now has been providing the needed approaches in other to fix difficulties in his community, local government as well Enugu State, even at the national level of Nigeria Government.

Most recent of this is his goodwill towards alleviating hunger among his people, especially to the vulnerable ones in his town following the outbreak of coronavirus also known as covid-19.His efforts have indeed attracted awards, loyalists, friends, who have had his generosity etched in their minds.

As a certified Engineer, Prince Ezeh has demonstrated a huge contribution in the service to humanity by embarking on several roads and bridge construction in Nkanu East LGA, of which his community and other nearby towns in Nkanu East LGA can testify to, as the direct benefactors and recipients of such a favor and unprecedented service to humanity.

May God bless the founder of Aka Ekpuchi Onwa Political Organization. Prince (Engr) Lawrence Ezeh, a man with an incorruptible spirit who is ready to tender himself as a sacrificial lamb for the continuity of Enugu State leadership prowess at all levels.

This is to say that, Ezeh as an unshakable personality, is among the top personalities that has the requisite skills, ability and liberal mind to deliver true and passionate democracy in Enugu State if giving such privilege and opportunity come 2023.

Ifebuchi Williams Chime, a youth leader, writes from Enugu State.

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