See what Prince Lawrence Ezeh said FG must do, if it wants to lockdown the country again

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Enugu State and Enugu East Senatorial candidate in the 2019 elections, Engineer Lawrence Ezeh has okayed plans by the Federal Government to lockdown the country again.

Ezeh however, gave a condition upon which another lockdown will be acceptable to Nigerians, in the face of the rising cases of COVID-19.

Responding to questions in Enugu earlier today, he stated that the increase in index cases is a source of worry and there was need for strict measures to be taken in the overall interest of the people.

He said “It’s been a continuous and steady rise. So instead of flattening the curve, it a been on steady rise. If they take that decision, it may not be out of place.

“Total lockdown is not the only measure that could curb the spread. But it will go a long way in containing it. This is what has worked in most other parts of the world.

“The problem in Nigeria is that they copy a part but don’t copy it in full. If they had copied this lockdown thing the way other nations had done, you would have seen most Nigerians happily staying at home. Nobody wants to go and endanger his life for nothing on the streets. But if you sit at home and someone says there is Covid-19 and you are faced with hunger trying to snatch your children and even yourself, you decide to gamble into the street because the life of your children is important. The reson things are like this is because you look out there, there is death. You look inwards, there is death.

“So the man says, all due na die. So he goes out to struggle for survival.

He continued “The government knows how they got votes during elections. They know how many polling units are in the community, they know how many villages, so they should be able to structure this thing in a way that these number of people are reached through the same mechanism by which votes are got during election.

“Nobody should be asking questions on how to reach out to the people. If nobody tells politicians how to harvest votes, I don’t expect them to ask advise on how to reach out to the people who voted for them.

“By the way, as government is working hard on its part, I believe this is not time for too many projects. We should centre on the people. It takes a man that is alive to live to enjoy infrastructure. A dead man cannot enjoy infrastructure. So we need government to do their best to keep the people alive before they can continue with the good works they have been doing in terms of infrastructure” he stated.

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