EDO INDIGENES TO EDO PEOPLE: Stop voting for political parties, focus on Indigenes with good records

THE umbrella Indigenous organisation of the Edo people, Edo Indigenous Movement (EIM) otherwise known as Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA) has said that Edo people must eschew themselves from focus on political parties and start considering merits before voting during elections.

Chief Dr Bishop J.O.E Edokpolo who is the President/Founder of the organisation said this in Benin City.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd during a media chat, Edokpolo decried what he said is the fraudulent methods of parties to force Indigenes to vote for incompetent men and women, while playing down on quality representation in politics.

His words: “This is a call to all Edo Indigenous people to vote for Edo Indigenes with good past records and not political parties, all political parties are fraud to the Indigenes.

“Lets all stop thinking of party and start thinking personalities before voting.
Our Indigenes are not our problem, political parties are, they are good in doctoring people to suit and satisfy their godfathers but this has to change in Edo state as we are out to sensitize our Indigenes about what to look out for before voting for anyone.

“We know as Edo Indigenes we have different types of characters in our Indigenous family but we do not have anyone to condemn or castigate before the none Indigenes and all hands most be on desk to protect the image of all Edo Indigenous people worldwide.

“This is Edo Indigenes matter and we must resolve it in unity.

“However, we must ensure that justice prevail against any Edo Indigene who tampers with funds that belongs to Edo Indigenes or marginalizes Edo people even if you are an Edo Indigene”, Edokpolo stated.

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