NDA Flags-off planting of 10,000 trees to tackle desertification

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has flags-off the planting of 10,000 variety of trees on its 2 campuses at Afaka and Ribadu areas of Kaduna to tackle desertification.

The Commandant of NDA, Maj Gen Jamil Sarham on Friday flagged off of the ‘NDA Green Project’ to tackle desert encroachment and beautify the environment.

Gen Sarham said, “One of the challenges we are facing in sub Saharan Africa is the rapid desertification of land and one of the key ways of stopping encroachment and desertification is by planting trees.

“I do know the great green wall project is still on, but in our own little way, we must ensure that in 10, 20 or more years to come, we still have a secure and healthy environment.” He explained that the idea of the green project was borne out of the desire to have a secured and healthy environment.

The Commandant noted that the training of cadets on land which sometimes hampers on trees also called for planting of more trees.
He disclosed that the planting excercise would be sustained in the two campuses of Afaka and Ribadu cantonment with a view to having a conducive environment.

The Commandant added that the 10, 000 tree seedlings were purchased from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation and would be planted on its two campuses in Kaduna. He acknowlege the intervention of the federal ministry of environment by donating more seedlings for the project.

He urged cadets, military and non military staff of NDA to take good care of any trees they planted.

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