It’s just not possible for MASSOB to collapse into IPOB, says MASSOB leader

Leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Comrade Uchenna Madu has dismissed stories that MASSOB is now under Nnamdi Kanu’s Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a childish handiwork of mischief makers.

Madu made this revelation when he spoke with Jungle Journalist Media Ltd on the phone. He revealed that contrary to assumptions, Chief Ralph does not head MASSOB, but had founded a new group after he was expelled from MASSOB.

The MASSOB leader said although Biafran groups can collaborate for the good of the struggle, there is no truth in the story of MASSOB-IPOB merger.

Hear him: “That story is childish, the handiwork of mischief makers. These people want to create confusion or sell falsehood in the struggle for Biafra.

“Chief Ralph Uwazurike is of Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), and so there is no way he can hand over an organisation that he has no control over.

“He doesn’t control MASSOB, so how does he hand it over to Nnamdi Kanu? Even Nnamdi Kanu and the leadership of the IPOB knows that the information is false. There is nothing like handing over to nay person, or collaborating with any person.

“As the leader of MASSOB, we have regard and respect for these organisations, we can collaborate, and align when it becomes necessary for the interest of Biafra, but there is no way our organisation can be collapsed into IPOB. Its not just possible. Its false information.

“Chief Ralph Uwazurike is the leader of BIM, Biafra Independent Movement. I respect him for they, whereas I am the leader of MASSOB. Some people mistaken him to be the leader of MASSOB. He was the founder of MASSOB, he led MASSOB until 30th November 2015 when he was expelled because of some internal issues. After one week of his expulsion, he formed BIM. But he is no longer in MASSOB”, he stated.

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