BREAKING: Human cargo entering Southern Nigeria are fleeing Boko Haram terrorists – Intelligence Report

Intelligence reports emanating from security experts have posited that northerners who were intercepted on South Eastern and South Southern highways are not Almajiris but members of Boko Haram terrorists fleeing the North due to decimation by the Nigerian army.

According to a military authority who chatted Jungle Journalist Media Limited on social media, the Nigerian army has dealt a crushing blow on Boko Haram, after Niger army chased them out of the country and liberated some Nigerian communities. The informant pleaded anonymity but said his information is reliable as he is in battle line in a northern Nigerian state.

“These are some members of Boko Haram. They are running to the South where they will not be suspected to be terrorists. The southerners should be on the watch out. These people are going to regroup in the South and begin another human onslaught, but this time, from the south. Your governments think this is a joke. They go about making shows out of boundary monitoring. This matter goes beyond importing Covid-19 into the south. Its terrorists that are entering your states. Get ready to battle terrorists among you. If care is not taken, there will be heavy killing in your communities”, he stated.

He said that as a matter of urgency, Southern state governments must work together to ensure that human cargoes do not enter their territories alongside essential goods like food coming from the North.

Recall that boundary states like Edo, Enugu and Abia have reported cases of turning back trucks loaded with human traffic.

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