Lockdown Nigeria now, use Abacha loot for palliatives to avert mass deaths, Kalu urges FG

The National Director, Special Duties of the PDP Youth Alliance, Dr Emeka Kalu has urged the federal government to, as a matter of urgency lock down the country.

Kalu said this has become necessary, following the rise in the death rate of Covid-19 patients, especially in Northern Nigeria, and the total violation of social distancing laws by Nigerians.

Kalu also said that, with the level of crowding in buses, banks and other public places since Monday, 4th May, its only a matter of time before there will be a sharp spike in the number of infected Nigerians.

He also argued that the Federal Government should make use of the recently returned $311 million Abacha loot as palliatives for all Nigerians “the recently repatriated $311 million should be shared among all Nigerians who have a BVN. The money can sustain Nigerians during the period of the lockdown. We cannot afford to get careless and allow what Melinda Gates said to befall us. She said she sees corpses on the streets of Africa, FG must act now to prevent this from happening”, Kalu stated.

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