2019: Atiku is the ordained next president, Obasanjo cannot stop him

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, the General Overseer of Kings of Kings Deliverance Church, in Ntezi in Isielu, Ebonyi State has said that no plan of Olusegun Obasanjo to stop Atiku Abubakar will work, since Atiku is already on his way to the presidency in 2019.
Chukwudi who in 2015, had first said Atiku will emerge president in 2019, expressed disgust that Obasanjo was hell-bent in stopping Atiku. Hear him “God is God and no one can challenge him. I want to let you know that come rain come shine, Atiku is the next president of Nigeria. If anyone is saying that Atiku cannot be president in his lifetime, the person is a beast, an agent of Satan.
“If Obasanjo is going about in the media and telling the world that Atiku cannot be president, Obasanjo is a very big liar. God has stated that Obasanjo is parading himself as the God of Nigerian politics but he is nothing. God says I must warn him that his utterances will lead to his own destruction. He should change and stop presenting himself as a god. Destruction is knocking on his doorstep, he better know that. Witchcraft cannot stop the word of God. Anyone who tries to use witchcraft to stop the ordained of God will die”.
In November 2015, the prophet who spoke to National Mirror and The Authority was quoted to have said “I have made several prophecies. I have given prophecies to save lives, and I have given prophecies to deliver people. But I will be specific in the area of politics. God speaks to me mightily about prophecies. In 2011, I prophesied about the victory of former President Jonathan. I gave the prophecy that time. There was a team of people who came from Abuja to consult me and I told them that God said that come rain, come sun shine, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will defeat General Muhammadu Buhari then. But two years ago, I was going about shouting and telling people that God stated that Buhari will be the next President of Nigeria. But nobody believed my prophecy. But you can see, that the prophecy have seen the light of the day”.
He also made this revelation then “God told me clearly that the next president of Nigeria will be Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. In fact, in the spiritual realm, he is already the president, but 2019 is when there will be a manifestation”.
Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi: 07037503690


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