Dr Emeka Kalu: Stop attacking me and address the issues we raised, Emeka Kalu replies Gov Ikpeazu 

A governorship aspirant for the 2015 elections in Abia State, Chief Emeka Kalu has said that he has no qualms with the Abia State government, other than the fact that he wants the right thing to be done.

Kalu who spoke with Jungle Journalist correspondent on the phone, stated that it was unethical for the government to resort to personal attacks, first against Dr Alex Otti and now himself, simply because they want to see the State funds used properly to serve the interests of Abians and not diverted to personal use. 
In his response to media reports emanating from the government against his person, Kalu argued: “First of all let me address this issue of communication with Gov Ikpeazu. As an individual, I respect every political office that has to do with the government. Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s media aides are talking about secret messages, when there is nothing secret there.
“In the trending response, you purportedly alleged that I sent you a text message making requests to organize rally and a press release in support of your government, amidst other inconsequential and frivolous claims; but you failed to state if in the said text message to you, whether I specifically demanded for money or any form of selfish favour. Of course, I did not ask you for money or any form of favour as I will never do such and not even to a man that I am still able to give pocket money, irrespective of the fact that he is sitting comfortably on the resources of our dear state – Abia. I have the constitutional right to call or text the Governor, to give him my opinion and perspective on how I believe is the best way to make Abia great again, but that is not even the bone of contention. Why would they always keep calling the name of the  former Governor of Abia state  Dr Orji. Uzo Kalu when anyone speaks ,on sensitive issues that can stampede the development of the state why ?”
“I have the capacity to ask questions about our dear state, I am continually asking the questions, because there is no clear part for repayment of the said loans when there are no checks and balances in place.
“I live in a country  where politics is regarded as an avenue to serve humanity and not to immerse wealth to the detriment of the people; therefore, whenever you hear from me, do not panic and feel like I have come to ask for favours.”
On whether he has been asking for favour from the Abia governor, Kalu replied; “I have never for one day asked the governor for any contract or anything that has a financial gain in Abia, what I am doing for Abians is solely for the interest of the coming generation, our children. I am content and fully sustained with what God has blessed me with and I do very well both here in the United States and other nations where we conduct our business. So the  idea of secret messages shouldn’t come up at all. I have never asked for favour and will never ask Gov. Ikpeazu, I only need answers to my questions”.


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