​Kanu heading for a great downfall, Biafra to play major role in Anambra guber-Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi


Controversial Man of God and General Overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Ministries, (KKDM), Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi who had earlier prophesied how Nnamdi Kanu will be released from prison has spoken out against the leader of the Biafran struggle, stating that his(Kanu) arrogance has gone into his head.
Chukwudi, of KKDM, Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State also stated that Biafra will pay a major role in the coming Anambra gubernatorial elections.
Speaking to our reporter on the phone, the prophet said that he was worried that Nnamdi Kanu has denied the Lord who delivered him from the jaws of death at Kuje prisons, Abuja too quickly and lost all sense of humility. 
“God is very angry with him. He is arrogant and is proud. He is headed for downfall. In the spiritual realm, he is fallen already. God is telling him to come and have Biafra, the young man thinks he will only go to White House or Jerusalem and London to get Biafra. Am seeing a very mighty fall, a very shameful fall facing Nnamdi Kanu. God is revealing to me that there is no atom of humility in him.
When asked how it would happen, he replied “I don’t know how it will happen. When God says someone will fall, I don’t know how it will happen.
“When God told me Buhari will have problem, I spoke and no one paid attention, today you are seeing what is happening. God says there is a great calamity, a mayhem coming his way.
On whether God will accept Kanu if he comes back, Chukwudi said “God will always receive you if you turn around and change. Remember the story of the prodigal son. God will accept him if he comes back and changes. But he should beware. I see great darkness, I see great mayhem across his path, unless he changes. But time is running out.
Also speaking about the coming Anambra polls, the prophet, popularly known as ‘Onye Ru Uka Ofu Nanya'(Doubters will see with their eyes) said that Kanu’s negative evangelism against the elections have already met the rock. The Lord God who, I serve has revealed to me the whole world, and he is the one revealing to me right now that the elections will be a great success, contrary to fears that Kanu will be able to stop it. I know that as usual, they will doubt.
“Anambra elections have been held and concluded in the spiritual realm. Kanu does not pay attention to God anymore, he prefers to work with carnal thoughts. With such carnal thoughts, he is going to fall soon. He has no power over the elections at all. The Supreme has spoken.
“Let me also state here that the Lord has shown me the winner of the Anambra elections, but he says I should hold my peace for now. The only thing I can say for now is that, if you are serious about Anambra elections and you are ignoring those Biafrans who say they are heading to Anambra Government House with the Biafran flag, then you are just going there to waste your time.


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