​MOBIN has not adopted any aspirant for Anambra gubernatorial elections

Press Release of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN)

It has come to the notice of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, MOBIN that there are allegations in some quarters that MOBIN has adopted a gubernatorial aspirant contesting under the United Progressive Party, UPP as its anointed candidate in the forthcoming governorship elections in Anambra State.

Let it be on record that MOBIN has not adopted any of the seven aspirants under the UPP as its candidate. Any rumour, or allegation pointing in that direction is only in the imaginations of the tale bearer.

For the avoidance of doubt, the goals of MOBIN as a political organization is to search for, select, and adopt Biafra-minded politicians whom all Biafrans will support in elections, and use to replace redundant leaders who are mostly stooges of cabals from the north. 

Be also aware that it’s still too early to adopt anyone, since all seven aspirants are indigenous Biafrans. Each has also shown strong Biafran spirit, but MOBIN at this point is activating processes to test this spirit, and confirm those who are Biafrans not just in spirit but also in truth. Whoever emerges at the end of the day shall be supported by MOBIN, which is the official voice of the Biafrans in the UPP, which has been adopted by the same Biafrans as the political party after their heart.

MOBIN has not adopted anyone yet, but will adopt one who will be chosen by the Biafrans themselves. After the period of tests and adoption, MOBIN will activate all of its machinery to campaign and deliver such a candidate who will eventually emerge as Anambra’s next governor, and activate a sure process of realizing the nationhood of Biafra. 

MOBIN is a political movement by  Indigenous People of Biafra who are the claimants in the Suit No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013 for both 

political and economic emancipation of Biafraland who sued in a representative capacity by the human rights organization called Bilie Human Rights Initiative. 

ThankGod Ofoelue,
Director of Media and Mobilization MOBIN.


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