Chief Emeka Kalu speaks on Buhari’s rumoured death


Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness. 1st John 2:9.

The present hullabaloo over the unsubstantiated death rumour of President Muhammadu Buhari spurred this write-up. This unsubstantiated rumour is a product of darkness.

In accordance with divine disposition, no man is created to live forever, but it is a taboo before God and a sacrilege in African culture to deliberately announce the death of the living. And morally, it is unthinkable for any sane human being to incubate such thought of an improbable alarm upon the living. More worrisome is that majority of those peddling this rumour are the youths – the supposed leaders of tomorrow.

It is disheartening to note that majority of those that were skeptical over the unfounded death story were even wishing and praying fervently for the false news to be true. During our days as youths, we never celebrated death or ever wished to hear of the death of a fellow man, not even an enemy. In fact, whenever we receive the news of death in our community, fear usually envelope us, but today, the reverse is the case. The big question is; when did we give the consent for our consciences and morals to go to the pots?

Hate is a tool of retrogression; it destroys the virtues of the society and transforms humans into animals. As a Christian and one who firmly believe that God is the father or all mortals; I earnestly believe that love is the foremost virtues every mortals must possess. It is certain that we cannot truly love ourselves if we fail to love one another irrespective of the creeds we profess and our respective places of origin.

I can assure you that our progress in this country will be swift if we put away the hurts of yesteryears and begin to see ourselves as one indefatigable and inseparable creatures of God. Let us always ensure that love is the force that propels all our actions and inactions; by so doing, we will begin to feel the bliss of paradise in this country.

God Bless You.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Long live all Nigerian lovers of peace!!

Long live President Muhammadu Buhari!!!

– Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu


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