Nnamdi Kanu to be released soon, Biafra underway *Osinbajo to complete Buhari’s term, but battled by Military forces

​Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, of King of Kings Deliverance Church, Mgbo Court, Ohaukwu Local Government, Ebonyi State has revealed that Nnamdi Kanu, the DirectDirectoror of

Radio Biafra who is being held by the Nigerian Federal Government will soon be
released from custody.

The prophet also told journalists  that pro-Biafrans should rejoice now as the
manifestation of an independent nation called Biafra is very much in the

​The Gbonum Ulepa-Ntezi, Ebonyi State-born prophet stated this yesterday, 1st January, 2016 in Asaba, when he released prophecies for 2017.

He said revelations that came after his return from the proverbial mountain of
prayer, include an earlier prophecy he made that President Muhammadu
Buhari will not complete his first term in office.

The man of God, who was officially conferred with the title of ‘Prophet Onye Ruo
Uka Ofu N’anya 1 of Ntezi'(doubters will behold with their eyes) said he earned
the title after predicting correctly that Dr Goodluck Jonathan would
win the  2011 presidential polls, but lose to General Muhammadu Buhari in
2015. He had also prophesied Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 to earn the title.

He warned that the army would make attempts to snatch power, but that eventually,
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would steer the ship of leadership into 2019.

Continuing, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi told our correspondent that prophets who say that
President-elect Donald Trump of the United States will never be sworn in are
from the pit of hell. He argued that just as he saw Trump win the elections
against all odds, so would he be sworn in, despite the odds.

His words; ‘tell pro-Biafrans to stop shedding tears. Their leader Nnamdi Kanu
shall not remain in prison custody for too long again. He is already on his way
out. As for their(pro-Biafrans) agitations for Biafra, the Lord says it is
already in the horizon. Their day shall come soon”.

“The Lord is also speaking about Nigeria. Nigeria will come out of its current
recession before the end of 2019. Oil price will stabilize and hardship shall
disappear. But towards 2019, the president’s health shall fail him, and he
shall go the way of all men. But VP Yomi Osinbajo shall wrestle with the
soldiers. They shall try to seize power and Osinbajo shall prevail. He shall
lead Nigeria into 2019”.

“Look at America. Thousands of fake prophets are rising in America and they say that
Trump is the anti-Christ, that he shall never become president. They said that
and I laughed and told them that the Lord has made him president. Today, they
are singing a new song, that he shall never be sworn in. I laugh again, because
they are false prophets. The Lord shall bring shame to their faces the day
Trump is sworn in. Go and tell Trump that, just as the Lord battled all his
enemies to enthrone him president, so shall He weed them out and bring shame to
their faces the day he shall be sworn in. The snake has been killed, will it
now be so difficult to pick up its dead body?”

In February 2016, the prophet had projected Donald Trump as the next president of
America.  He had told journalists: “the Lord has been showing me
something good about America. I saw spiritually that God has raised a great
man, a great leader who will rule American with discipline, zero tolerance for
corruption. God told me that the current government of Obama is corrupt, and he
ants to raise a great leader from the republicans to rule and govern them. He
will put all the wrongs right, and correct the wrongs.

“Donald Trump is the next president of America, and the Lord told me that nothing can
ever make a Democrat candidate to take power in America. God has rejected that
party, because they are corrupt, and God wants to rebuild America in
uprightness. That man will fight corruption to zero. The current government of
America is very corrupt and Trump will fight it to the zero. God says ‘I have
raised that man to rule and govern America’.
Prophet: ,+234 706 099 2339


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