No amount of rigging will stop Donald Trump’s emergence as president of US, says Nigerian prophet*cautions Trump to be wary of spiritual attack

 The man who foresaw both the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan back in 2010 and subsequent emergence of Muhammadu Buhari both as president of Nigeria has said that no amount of rigging by the Democratic Party of America in Favour of Hilary Clinton will stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president of the United States. 


Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi told Jungle Journalist on the phone yesterday that there are palpable fears in the camp of the Democrats, who are planning furiously to rig the elections in favour of Clinton, whose husband is a former president. 


Speaking from the headquarters of his ministry, King of Kings Deliverance Church, Mgbo Court, Ohaukwu Local Government in Ebonyi Nigeria, the prophet cautioned that Trump will be spiritually attacked, and may be harmed just to stop him from becoming the president. Hear him:


“God says mightily to me that nothing will stop Donald Trump. I am seeing where Obama and Hillary Clinton plans to rig the election but God says to me in a strong voice that Obama and his rigging machine will fail. Their strategies will fail. As long as the Lord Gid has spoken, Donald Trump will emerge the President of America. Nothing will stop Trump from becoming President of America. Barack Obama will be stubborn and refuse Trump from getting sworn in. There will be a very great problem in America because of this.


“I saw a great calamity coming against America due to this, and I also saw Trump getting spiritually attacked. I saw the attack, and Donald Trump must pray against such an attack so that it doesn’t destroy him. 


“The truth is that they don’t want him in America. But another truth is that he is the one God has sent to correct the wrongs done against America, the wrongs done against the world. They don’t want Trump to emerge because they know that he is the one with the solution to the problems of the world. That is the solution that will make the world a better place. He is the next President of America. He will be sworn in as america’s next president, whether they like it or not”.


Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi can be reached: +234 703 750 3690


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