South East Fashion Week to hold December

The first ever South East Fashion Week has been slated to hold in December, later this year.

According to award-winning model Vitalis Ifeanyi Ochu, who is also the CEO of Ideallook Fashion Nigeria, the show, titled ‘East of the Niger Fashion Week’ is to be the biggest fashion show East of the Niger.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist News Corporation in an exclusive interview, Ochu said forms will be available for fashion designers to pick from September 5.

The fashion guru, who has modelled for Legendary Gold, and other top modelling giants also said his organisation is one of the foremost modelling and fashion companies in the South East, and have organised fashion shows like Malinda Neno Fashion Show, and Snapp Style Runway. Ideallook also collaborated with TWS, The Wedding Showcase, which by the way, is the biggest wedding showcase in the Southeast.

The event, Jungle Journalist learnt, will hold on the 3rd of December, tentatively in Enugu, the Coal CIty.

Forms can be picked from the company headquarters at No7 Edinburgh Road, off Zik Avenue, Enugu.

Fashion designers, modelling companies and professional tailors in the South East, according to him, will get a chance to interact and connect with international fashion/modelling agencies and organizations.

The company can also be reached online via:,, +234 8066532889


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