We will uproot oil companies from Niger Delta soil, upland militant group threatens

A Niger Delta group claiming to be a coalition of forces across the upland Niger Delta region, fighting for the interest of the region has condemned current negotiations going on between the Federal Government and certain militants. It threatened to uproot all oil companies from its soil, thereby creating a devastation such as has never been seen in Nigeria.

Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate(NDGJM) in a statement yesterday, accused FG of erroneously but continually discussing with only Ijaws, thereby creating a dangerous division among Niger Deltans.

The group also accused oil multinational companies of equating the interest of the Ijaw people as that of all the tribes of the region, one it said is about to take a devastating toll than has ever been seen or experienced in the history of Nigeria.

The statement, signed by General Aldo Agbalaja, spokeman of the group, read in parts: “All the people of the upland Niger Delta, under whose watch the largest and most critical oil assets are located, have been ignored over the years as government and the oil companies pander to every whim and cough of those who have violently engaged the state. Just as in the 2009 experience, the federal government and oil companies have started yet another round of negotiation with the Ijaw front, in the name of all the people of the Niger Delta. This will not work. Since they do not regard the assets in our areas important enough to be protected, we shall root them all out of the length of the Niger Delta. We don’t want to make this mistake any longer, violence pays as it has become the only voice that government gives hearkens to”.

It further said; “Finally, a note of warning: We are asking all the oil multinationals still in the upland of our region; AGIP, TOTAL, SHELL, MOBIL, SHORELINES,  NECONDE, E.D WESTERN, SEPLAT and others are advised to commence the evacuation of their personnel from the region, especially in the Ogba/Egi axis of Rivers state, Urhobo/Isoko/Ndokwa axis of Delta state and other upland oil producing areas, within the next 48 hours. We also want to bring it to the attention of the federal government and the NNPC that the refineries in warri (Urhobo land) and Port Harcourt (Eleme) and the gas plant in otorogun will all come down in few days from now”.


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