Trump will lose to Clinton if he doesn’t stop his careless talks -prophet

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, of King of Kings Deliverance Church, Mgbo Court, Ohaukwu Local Government, Ebonyi State, who twice prophesied that American billionaire Donald Trump will be America’s next President says Trump might be on his way to losing the elections. 

 Chukwudi said but for Trump’s foul mouth and carelessness in making speech, God had selected him to better the affairs of the United States, and the rest of world. The prophet however said that the only thing that will save Trump now is, if he repents from his reckless speeches and speak more responsibly when he campaigns. 

 Hear him; “What I am saying is about what is happening in America. God is warning me that if Trump does not desist from the irresponsible talks he is fond of, he is simply picking the pot of gold and handing it over to his opponent. 

 “The message keeps coming. If he does not desist from talking anyhow, like a mad person, I see him carrying that gold with his own hands and handing over to Hillary Clinton.

“That is what I have said. God says he is foul mouthed and even though he has good intentions for America and the world, his words are misleading. His words are scaring those who should stand with him away. He alone cannot stand, he needs the people to stand and vote for him.

“He is removing a pot of gold from his own hands. Prophet Chukwudi has spoken. God has mapped it out for Trump to be President but he seem not to know what God has in store for him”, the prophet stated. 
 Prophet Chukwudi Emmanuel: 07037503690 


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