Nigerian lash at Peace Mass Transit over frequent road crashes

Following frequent road accidents involving Peace Mass Transit Limited, a heavy online protest has begun against the company.

For about two months since June this year, th company’s accident rate had escalated, with all passengers getting killed in some of the crashes.

Between June 22 and 29 for instance, two crashes killed 23 persons one along Umuahia Road in Abia and the other along Bayelsa Road.

But last month, the police absolved the company of complicity in the accidents, pushing blames to drivers of the vehicles that collided with the PMT buses.

Speaking at a press briefing to explain the position of the company, Samuel Maduka Onyishi, the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Peace Mass Transit Argued that “Nobody is asking of the cause of these accidents or of the truck driver. All everyone is saying is ‘kill PEACE, kill PEACE.”

Onyishi said that there is a “calculated attempt” by jealous people to bring them down. He protested the fact that he and his staff are blamed “when people kill my drivers and passengers.”

“I believe in creating jobs,” he said. “But if so much injustice and wickedness is meted out on me, will it be an incentive? It’s painful.”

From just two buses in 1995 when it was founded, the company says it now has the largest fleet in the country, moving almost 900,000 passengers every month across 26 states in Nigeria, with its 3000 vehicles.

But an angry army of Internet users are furious that the management of PMT does not want to accept that their drivers are reckless.

In comments and posts monitored by Jungle Journalist, complaints were gathered from users, and are hereby reproduced.

Ihenetu Ekene Henry said: “The day I entered PMT from Onitsha to Ibadan was my worst travel experience. The driver was flying not driving. He doesn’t listen to the passengers. One woman cried from Asaba to where the bus stopped for lunch and the woman never entered the bus again. I have travelled with ITC, ABC, Chisco, The Young Shall Grow, Ifesinachi etc shuttle buses and I must tell you that the drivers are human beings. PMT drivers are possessed”.

Anthony Chibuzor Nwosu: “When we hear of road accidents first, we think of Dangote trailers and secondly PMT … its really that bad”.

Darlyn Chii Edeji: “Seriously, travelling with Peace Mass is the fastest way to die. I know how many fatal accidents they have recorded this year. And their drivers don’t even care. I feel its a blood sucking company. Comparing ‘death mass transit’ to ABC? Gosh.

Obi Uchenna Blessing: “Been expecting them to commiserate with the families of the victims publicly and tender an unreserved apology for their recklessness. Mbanu. Rather, they go about using some bloggers to brag about how they open their workshop for repairs after killing their passengers. Anyway, I don’t board or will board their vehicles, motor si ra na GUO Motors puo I’ll go back home and return the next day(If I can’t fin GUO Transport Company, I will go back home). I am not advertising for them ooo. I cannot afford to pieces my life for Peace Transport.

Eselu Onyi Esiaka: “Peace Mass Transit is responsible for 70% of death of travelling south easterners. Your analysis is out of place. It’s like you’re a shareholder in that blood sucking transportation to death company?”

Nnam Netz Ezeugo: “My brother, I understand what you mean. Even though am not the one you are talking to. But I personally feel that people accuse PMT because of their experience with most of their drivers. Many of them are reckless and arrogant. They overspeed and over take anyhow. They are always overly in a hurry to reach their destinations”.

Chuka Ahanihu: “Compare the rate and frequency of accidents involving Peace with that of other transport companies plying the same roads, and you will understand the uproar against Peace”.

Ndaa Isaac: “I want to know if ABC has a different road from the one PMT is using in Nigeria”.

Uzor Nwangi Paul: “The problem with the drivers is fatigue . The company policy of setting daily/weekly targets for the drivers/vehicles should be changed”.

Okechukwu Chukwuemeka Nwankwo: “But there are other transport companies making use of the same road with Peace and we don’t hear or see them have accident at the rate with which Peace does and my question is, why always Peace? I lost a friend and his daughter in one of their numerous accidents and it has always continued since then, week in week out. Why always Peace?

Allison Charles Ajuluchukwu: “Hardly you see any Igbo person that does not know someone friend or relative that has been dispatched to the hereafter by them”.

Ihenetu Ekene Henry: “Peace Mass Transit means rest in peace. Before boarding Peace Mass Transit, contact a mortician and tell him the colour of your dress, should your body be dismembered. They pay 100k If you die. Choose!”


2 thoughts on “Nigerian lash at Peace Mass Transit over frequent road crashes

  1. All that you are saying about Peace Mass Transit are you sure? Or are you just following? There is a reason why any where you look you see a brand New Peace bus. Peace successfully transports over a million Nigerians monthly in comfort and at an affordable price.

  2. You are not far from one of those paid to dent the image of PMT. Peace Mass Transit still remains the best Mass Transit on Nigeria.

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