Graduate electrocuted in soakaway pit trying to avoid ‘baptism’

Tragedy struck on Monday, 8th August, 2016 when a fresh graduate of the Imo State University, Owerri fell into a soakaway pit and died, while trying to avoid being poured water by colleagues.

What started as jubilation turned into a gathering of sorrow when the victim, who was running away from a number of students who chased after him to ‘baptize’ him with dirty water on him fell into the pit.

The young man was electrocuted by a naked wire connected to a nearby transformer, which was exposed in the putrid water from the pit.

But another source said that the young man, simply identified as Ikenna had become provoked when another person poured dirty water on him. He had pushed the student into the pit, but landed on the ground himself with his head striking hard against the floor. He died instantly, the source said.

The incident happened at Bishop’s Court, BlackBerry Hostel in Owerri.

Jungle Journalist learnt from sources that pouring of water has been banned in many schools in the South East, but some students would not obey this.

Graduates have been injured, poured acid and some other dangerous liquids when they ought to be celebrating the graduation.


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