Is Oral Sex safe for you?


Oral sex is the process of stimulating the genitals using the mouth and tongue. Is this safe or are there risks of contacting sexually transmitted infections through oral sex. Though the risk of contracting STI’s through oral sex is significantly lower than vaginal and anal sex, there are indeed risks associated with oral sex.
For most STIs it is safer to receive than to give as the recipient is less likely to be exposed to genital fluid.

You are at an increased risk of contracting STI’s through oral sex if you have many sex partners, if you or your partner have oral or genital sores, if there is bleeding during the act among other reasons.

What STI’s can do contact through Oral sex

The commonest ones are:

•    Gonorrhoea
•    Genital Herpes
•    Syphilis

Others are as follows:

•    HIV
•    Hepatitis A through oral contact with the anus
•    Hepatitis B and C ( blood)
•    Human papilloma virus (HPV) which increases your chances of developing throat and cervical cancer
•    Chlamydia
•    Genital warts
•    Pubic Lice

Can these risks be minimized?

Yes they can be minimized if

•    The man wears a condom on his penis if he is the receiving partner
•    Using a dental dam to cover the anus and vagina of the receiving partner during the exercise. Dental Dam is a very thin soft plastic usually made from latex or polyurethane
•    If a Dental Dam is not available you can cut open a condom and make it a sheet.

Piece written by Dr Chin Akano, UK

Jungle Journalist:+234 808 198 3838;


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