Again, prophet says he saw Buhari dressed in black, says Osinbajo will complete his term

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, of King of Kings Deliverance Church, Mgbo Court, Ohaukwu Local Government, Ebonyi State has stated again that he keeps seeing President Muhammadu Buhari dressed in black in his visions, and that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is the person he kept seeing taking over as the president. 

The controversial prophet had in February this year cried out that he does not see the president completing his term in office.

Speaking to Jungle Journalist yesterday in a telephone interview, Chukwudi said that, like he had said before, there are plans by soldiers to take over power, in an event of anything happening to the president, but said that the manipulation will not work, and Osibanjo will eventually emerge. He however said said that the Vice President will not rule beyond 2019, as Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will take over power then. 

Hear him; “What I saw before is still what I am seeing. In the spiritual realm, I can see that Buhari is gone. If urgent steps are not taken, medication can not be a solution to what is happening. What is happening I think, is a spiritual matter. If Buhari travel to London or America, or any part of the world, I don’t see medication curing him. It’s only God that can heal him. 

“In the spiritual realm, if urgent steps are not taken, there is problem. But I don’t see any doctor who can heal him.  The visions are coming more frequently, and that’s why I decided to speak out again.

On whether he knows the nature of illness the president is suffering from, the prophet said; “I am not a physical doctor but I am a prophet, I don’t know what sickness it is that is worrying him. All I know is that in the spiritual realm, I see Mr President wearing black and black. Black and black in prophetic utterances means death. That is what it means.

“God is telling me in a very strong voice that there are every serious plans for the military to take over power, it’s a solid and concrete plan. As I am seeing it, some top military officers are already seeing that Buhari may not complete his term. 

“They want to take power by all means. God is telling me that if certain prayers are offered, that manipulation will not take place. I see Osibanjo taking power. However, after 2019, it’s Atiku Abubakar.

He equally said that the All Progressives Congress, APC will win the 2016 elections in Edo State; “I see God doing something wonderful in Edo State. Godwin Obaseki will emerge as the next governor. God has spoken, in the spiritual world, the matter has been decided”.

In February this year, the controversial prophet had called on Nigerians to pray fervently for  Buhari, whom he said may not complete his first term in office.

The prophet in 2011 prophesied that Goodluck Jonathan will win the 2011 presidential elections, but lose to Buhari in 2015.

The Ishielu, Ebonyi-born prophet had also said;  “God told me that the president would suffer health challenges, and anyone coming out to say God told him that there are plans to assassinate Buhari by Jonathan is lying. That is a false prophecy. That is not what God said. God said that Buhari will have health challenges. Nobody is planning to assassinate Buhari, but God said he will have health challenges. Anyone saying that he will be assassinated is lying, it’s not from God.

He has also predicted that billionaire Donald Tr

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