We will definitely ask questions, by Osazee Edigin

Following the buildup to the gubernatorial election in Edo state and the subsequent razzmatazz by aspirants from the various political parties, let me be very loud and clear that the civil society will be asking these aspirants/flag bearers salient questions that will engender altruistic leadership that will truly benefit the people. I have said it before now that the Civil Society will be political but will not be partisan.

It may appear to many that, the civil society is only good at fighting BEDC, police brutality and extra judicial killings, Land Use Charge or only oppression and intimidation of the common man and other dispositions that denigrate mankind. All these I have outlined are just the immediate effects we can see but the remote causes are hinged on a tripod that forms the ideology of Edo Civil Society Organisations; which are Good Governance, Social Justice and Human Rights.

The things the people suffer are as a result of the lack of these three things which are Good Governance, Social Justice and Human Rights. How then can the people enjoy these things when the right persons are not enthroned to leadership positions? The political space as it stands now is filled with charlatans who have nothing to offer, some of them think it is going to be business as usual, they believe they can cling the governorship seat with their financial war chest, some have hope in the godfather’s support, some also think the popularity and structure of the political party will deliver the seat into their hands whether they are popular or not, even whether they do not have any antecedent one can relay with to enable assess their leadership sagacity.

Let me repeat it again the umpteenth time, the civil society having been driven by the ideology of Good Governance, Social Justice and Human Rights for the people. We will surely be political at the appropriate time but will never be partisan. We will engage the aspirants/candidates.

Our questions will offend many, even our friends that are politicians, the era of selling a particular aspirant/candidate to the people when you know quite well that he does not have what it takes to lead because of you ephemeral gains is over. The Civil Society cannot continually fight obnoxious government policies after a wrong candidate had manoeuvred his way to becoming the governor. We will get involved in the process, we tell the electorates what to look at for in an aspirant/candidate so as to get the best and the right one to man the office, not the one that does not know how to create wealth for the people but make life miserable for them. The charlatans will be flushed out, our questions will disqualify many. WATCH OUT!



Comrade Osazee Edigin is the Public Relations Officer, Edo Civil Society Organisations  (Masses’ House)
28A, Erie Street off Sokponba Road,
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Website: http://www.edocso.org

Facebook: http://bit.ly/24xNNpX

Twitter: @EdocsoUpdate

Email: info@edocso.org, edocsoupdate@gmail.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXT6ZylUaiw4h6_gU_Azpg


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