Inspirational message from Cosmas Maduka, Founder, Coscharis Group


Jungle Journalist had the rare privilege of receiving the following inspirational message from Dr Cosmas Maduka, the founder of the largest indigenous vehicle sales network in Africa, The Coscharis Group.

Once in a while, Coscharis, as he is fondly called sends out such inspirational messages to his contacts. Jungle Journalist decided to share this. You never know who will be privileged to fly with the message this season.


“This might make you all think. Life is real short.” I will be 58 years old in December 2016. +30 more years I’ll 88. We don’t have no more influence, we can’t do nothing at 88, “your wife will tell you that, said Mohamed Ali.

So when you’re 88 ain’t too much more to do so in those 30 years, I have to sleep 9 years, I don’t have 30 years of daylight. I have to travel back and forth, that’s around 6/7 hours. All my traveling is probably 4 years of the next 30 years, about 9 years of sleeping, television, movies, about 3 years of entertainment.

So out of 30 years I might have about 16 years to be productive. You add up all your traveling, all your sleeping, your school, your entertainment you probably been half your life doing nothing. So now what do you think my friend is an average life expectancy in Nigeria or in the world?

If Mohamed Ali’s evaluation is anything to ride home about, I do not say that it is an absolute but it is definitely a food for thought. Can you see how short life is? If you were me what will you do with these 16 years of life that is left?

You may need not to answer for me. But you can do the same evaluation of your life using the same calculations and answer for your self what you should do with the rest of your life!

“Trusting we all will truly reflect on our lives, and learn to hold to our valves and forgive one another, no matter whatever they have done to us.

Regards, Cosmas.

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