Biafra Govt in Exile call on Intl Community for arrest of IG, Defence Minister

Biafra Government in Exile(BGIE) and Ekwenche, the scientific wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have condemned the barbaric massacre of over 50 pro-Biafran activists in Onitsha and Asaba by Nigerian soldiers and police officers.

In a press release signed by Biafra 24 anchor man, Yahgozie Immanu-EL in London, the group appealed to leaders of other nations to rise on behalf of Biafrans, whom they said have become vulnerable in the hands of Nigerian soldiers and police officers, who look for every opportunity to kill them. 

The statement also called for the arrest of Nigeria’s IG of Police, Sunday Arase, as well as the Minister of Defence. The statement, made available to this media via email is herein reproduced:

“We condemn the barbaric murder of peaceful Biafran citizens by the torturous government of Nigeria.

“One life is precious according to omenala Igbo but forty eight of these precious gifts to us was cut short by gangsters roaming about Biafraland in the name of Nigeria Joint Task Force.

“It has become daily a daily occupation for Nigeria security forces to murder unarmed Igbo people in our ancestral land.

“Those we looked up to for protection has failed to protect us, rather they turned into monsters and eat up the little children kept in their possession, it’s on this note that Biafra Government Exile alongside Ekwenche and other progressive organisations in Biafra and Exile are calling on the global community.  

“We appeal to you Leaders of Free Nations and human rights activist to call on international human rights organizations to seek justice in the prosecution of the perpetrators and hold their leaders accountable for the murder of our children- citizens.

“Over 48 young men and women  were shot at 6 am at Nkpor, Anambra province, Biafraland, as they were in a religious building having morning prayers for the dead heroes and heroines of Biafra; while others were shot at various locations later as they demonstrated against the occupation and murder of 3.5 million Biafrans – the 49th anniversary since Nigeria forced millions of Biafra out of our ancestral homes.

“Our hearts are torn in anguish for the loss of children and fathers on daily basis. Mostly young lives, dreams, and hopes are cut short by the JTF bullets that struck them.

“Our people are murdered with the utmost cruelty and disregard for human life, at a time when our people were recalling the tragedy of Biafra genocide, a war of aggression  that befell us in the hands of the Nigeria occupational forces.

“The people of Biafra attach high hopes that leaders of free nations and human rights activists will not let the perpetrators of this crime against humanity in Nkpor go unpunished.

“Arresting Nigeria’s defence ministers and police chief Sunday Arase will be a good start, to exert every possible effort at the international level to end the siege on Biafra, so that our children may live in peace and security in the land of the rising sun.

“Signed Yahgozie Immanu-EL on behalf of BGIE/Ekwenche

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