BIAFRA HEROES DAY: Several killed as soldiers open fire in Catholic Church in Onitsha

Several people have been killed and over 20 injured this morning as men of the Nigerian army shot into a Catholic Church at Nkpor Junction, Onitsha, South East Nigeria.

Jungle Journalist learnt that the incident, which occurred at about 6 am this morning, is likely to be connected to today’s rally to commemorate people kiled during the Biafra War between 1966 and 1970.

However, witnesses say they do not know why the attack took place since worshippers were still in the church for morning mass.

30th of May is marked the world over by Biafrans (South East/South South Nigeria) as Biafra National Holiday to pay tribute to over 3.5 million Biafrans that died during Nigeria Civil War.

The day is celebrated all over the world as Heroes Day.

According to reports, there are rallies currently going on across the major cities of the South East, while in the major countries of the world, the rallies are also heating up.

Since last night, people of the former Biafra region who believe in the struggle for an independent state of Biafra have been posting millions of photos, videos and texts on the social media walls to reflect the celebration.

The celebration this year, coincides with this year’s Democracy Day celebration in Nigeria, which is observing a public holiday today, Monday 30, since yesterday, the main Democracy Day is a Sunday.

Every year, colourful processions are held by these peoples, calling on the Nigerian government to release it’s members in detention, and allow it’s citizens run an independent government of self determination.

Emmanuel Yahgozie, who spoke with Jungle Journalist from London two days ago said the theme for this year is the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been held by Nigeria’s government since last year.

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