Southern leaders to Buhari: Release Nnamdi Kanu, listen to IPOB

Leaders of Southern Nigeria, under the auspices of Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly (SNPA) has implored President Muhammadu Buhari to respect the rule of law and order the immediate release of those in detention, including Radio Biafra Director, Nnamdi Kanu, in compliance with pronouncements of courts of competent jurisdiction. 

The leaders also said that in order for the principles of separation of powers to be applied to advance democracy, the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) and similar non-violent bodies should be treated fairly and given opportunity if hearing.

SNPA made these pronouncements in Asaba during its meeting which held at Best Western Elemaz Hotel.

The meeting, attended by the State Governor (represented), was chaired by former Vice President of Nigeria, Dr Alex Ekwueme, who was also represented by a former governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife.

Other leaders who were at the meeting include co-chair and leader of South-South, Senator Rowland Owie, Bishop Emmanuel Gbonigi, co-chair and leader of the South West, represented by Senator Femi Okurounmu.

The SNPA, which deliberated on the security, socio-political and economic situations of the country, persistent killing of Nigerians by Fulanis, and issues bordering on establishment of grazing reserves in parts of the country.

In its first resolution, the group said: “We urge him(Buhari) to respect the rule of law, the protection of citizens fundamental human rights and the pronouncements of courts of competent jurisdiction. The president should note that the war on corruption should neither be vindictive nor selective.

“We call on President Buhari to ensure immediate release of all Nigerians which various courts have given bail and have subsequently met their bail conditions. IPOB and other similar non-violent bodies should be treated fairly and given opportunity to be heard.

“The president should commence the implementation of the resolutions of the 2014 National Conference to resolve the continuing contradictions in the Nigerian polity and to lay solid foundation for more just and equitable Nigerian society.”

The leaders also urged Northern elders to stop infusing the ‘we and they’ mentality in the present government ‘which usually create division and confusion in the polity’. “The Northern Elders Forum should realize that President Buhari is the president of Nigeria, and not just of northern Nigeria. The government is therefore for the entire Nigeria and programmes and projects should be for the overall development and growth of the country and not a section of it”.

On the increasing killings by Fulani cattle rearers, the leaders said that “the president should deal decisively the with the issue of Fulani herdsmen to avoid it snowballing into another Boko Haram. Consequently, he should commission a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate all Fulani attack since May 2015 and make the perpetrators face the wrath of the law”.

The group thanked Governor Ifeanyi Okowa who hosted them in the Delta State capital city.

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6 thoughts on “Southern leaders to Buhari: Release Nnamdi Kanu, listen to IPOB

  1. Does it mean that British government is the highest ranking in the world that United Nations are so dull or keeping dwarf ears to the inhumanity that is happening in the country created by British government? Or are they waiting for second civil war to start again so that they will come in the name of peace when they all know that prevention is better than cure. Is UN human rights activists or are they interested to see war before intervention? Please if UN is no longer functional,I want to know or if there is another group that is more powerful than UN please tell me or is there majority anti human rights? Can’t they see or hear the cries and killings that is all over the country created by British and the disintegration of the people from different cultures and norms asking for safe reliance? Some times I doubt if there is an organization that is taking care of the global. No rule of law,no human fundamental rights in the so called Nigeria,it is a pity that the last human hope (world court) is not functional and I wander if such exist. I pray for God’s mercy upon my father’s land ( Biafra land) and equally pray that God in His infinite mercy will protect and defend the leader and director of radio Biafra ( Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) in the mighty name of our lord Christ Jesus amen. Freedom to humanity is all we ask for and justice to prevail. Free Nnamdi Kanu as court of competent jurisdiction has adopted for his release .


  2. Like faroh in the Bible, Let my people go no, sett the captive free no, Allow the children of God to worship their God Bihari refuse. Bihari the raugth of God is at your finger tips act fast now.


  3. I found your blogs good & reasonable, so I would like to rely on it as a source my tweets & so you may consider making it lucrative.


  4. This is what people are expected you people to do because buhari is not God neither is a person people votes him in, we are in a democratically Era first.


  5. Thisoe who who assembled in Asaba is still swimming in the ocean of Nigeria illusion.

    They simply went on tea party, anybody who wish to join thus struggle must be total in his, her or their demand.


    Not rhetorics, trying to appease, beg or give Buhari and his evil Islamic north the impression that the so call one Nigeria will continue by holding national conference.

    The above article deos not what circulating.


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