BIAFRA LONDON PROTEST: How we blockaded Buhari’s convoy, forced him out of car-Biafra 24 presenter 


pro-Biafran activist Uzoma being held by British police

A presenter at Biafra 24, London, Immanuel Yahgozie has revealed how he and two other pro-Biafran activists stopped President Buhari’s convoy in London yesterday before being arrested by the police.

Yahgozie was yesterday arrested along with two other pro-Biafra activists during a protest against Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, who was in the United Kingdom for an anti-corruption summit.
Yahgozie, who spoke exclusively to Jungle Journalist online this evening, said that although he has been released, Uzoka, who was captured on camera being held by British police and Onyinyechukwu Uzoesika, alias ‘Blessed Man’ were still been held at Islington Police Station in London.
According to him, while he was on live broadcast on the streets of London, covering the protests, Buhari’s convoy came around, but they confronted it, and used a barrier to barricade the road and prevented them from movement. Buhari was forced out of the car before they(protesters) were stopped by the police and arrested.
Yahgozie said their demand during the protest was for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, as well as demand for Biafra.
He told our reporter that his family back in South East Nigeria are currently under threat by the Nigerian government because of his involvement in the pro-Biafra movement. He however warned that they would go after anyone who kills his family or any Biafran. 
His words: “Basically me and two other Biafrans confronted Buhari in a place very close to Buckingham Palace, we used the barrier to block his convoy and to get him out of the car before being attacked by British special forces.
“So I was questioned last night then release but Uzoka is still being detained at Islington Police Station with Onyinyechukwu Ezeosika aka Blessed Man. We will be going to court to challenge them for illegal detention”.


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