FULANI: CAN, Civil Societies, women to protest tomorrow in 5 S East states

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), South-East zone has said that it’s planned demonstrations across the zone on Thursday (tomorrow) is to protest the attacks of Fulani herdsmen on their South East hosts.

CAN said that it can no longer fold it’s hands and watch as Fulani herdsmen kill and destroy Igbo communities with impunity, while the security agencies do nothing. The protest, it revealed, will be taking place simultaneously in the five states of South East Nigeria.

In a communique issued condemning the massacre of Ukpabi-Nimbo indigenes two weeks ago, and signed by its chairman, Most Rev Prof David Eberechukwu, it’s chairman emeritus, Most Rev Dr EO Chukwuma, Rev Dr SC Nwokolo, secretary and chairmen of CAN in the five South East states, it condemned in very strong terms the lackadaisical attitude of security even after getting information prior to the attack.

It also said that ‘the preference of cow lives over the resourceful human lives is wrong’, and that killer herdsmen should be treated like Boko Haram terrorists, as human lives cannot be substituted by that of animals.

CAN, according to reports, will be working in alliance with Umu Ada Igbo (daughters of Igboland), Umu Ada Uzo-Uwani (daughters of Uzo-Uwani), and the Civil Liberties Organization in Enugu to ensure that the demonstration is peaceful and orderly. All Christians, including Catholics, protestants, and evangelical members in the South East will also be attending.

Speaking to our reporter yesterday in Enugu, Comrade Rita Eberechukwu Anigboogu, coordinator of Umu Ada Igbo, Enugu State said the protest will begin at 6 am, and take off from Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Enugu, move to the House of Assembly, before moving to Government House in the state.

On her part, coordinator of Umu Ada Uzo-Uwani, Princess Eziamaka Ezugwu told journalists that the protest is not just about Ukpabi-Nimbo, but incessant, unprovoked attacks on Igbo communities “in our local government, Ukpabi-Nimbo was not the first to be attacked. These killers have been killing our people. They came in November and killed two people in Abi Ugwuobi town. They burnt the biggest house in the community and our people ran away to hide. On December 25, they came back and attacked. The people ran away, and spent the rest of 2015 at police stations hiding.

“In February this year, Ogwu Uvuru people were also sacked by Fulani herdsmen. After their cows destroyed our farms, they then came back and began to attack and cut our people with daggers. The people ran away, and we were sleeping in bushes for three weeks. What they usually do is to kill men and boys, leaving the women. We Umu Ada won’t fold our hands and wait while they kill off our men”, she said.

Chairman of Civil Liberties Organization (CLO), Enugu State branch, Comrade Zulu Ofoelue, in a press statement expressed worry that the Federal Government was not handling Fulani attacks with the same seriousness it handled Boko Haram.

He said ‘citizens of communities in Enugu State and beyond should organise an internal self-defence mechanism to complement government security efforts. Self defence is a constitutional right of citizens”, the activist said, and called on all Civil Society Organizations as well as citizens to join the protests to save the South East from marauders.

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