Stripes naked and masturbate to purify church, says South African prophet to members

A South African pastor is making headlines after he asked his church members to masturbate in church.

According to, the gullible church members were told the act of self-pleasure would, purify the church, earn them eternal life and free them from diseases.

The charismatic pastor said that the fluids they would release would make the church floor as sacred as heaven.

Pastor Edisai Mensah is overheard in a video footage telling the congregants that God had sent his angels to oversee the ungodly act.

Church members can be heard in the background moaning in pleasure.

Religious leaders have complained and asked authorities to take action against Edisai for misleading Christians in the town of Benoni.

His church members, however, came to his defense saying that their pastor does what he is instructed by God.

South African self-proclaimed prophet been making outrageous claims over their relationship with God. Prophet Mboro once claimed that he had been to heaven and taken selfies with Jesus. He caused outrage among Christians when he said that Jesus had a stunning beauty.
Mboro has been selling the selfies he took with ‘Jesus’ and angels while on his tour to Heaven.

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