Enugu to arm vigilantes against possible Fulani invasion

Enugu State Government has begaun acquisition and distribution of arms and ammunition to various registered vigilante groups across the state in its bid to contain possible resurgence of Fulani marauders in the state.

Jungle Journalist exclusively gathered from a top government official that leaders of the vigilante groups from the various towns and local governments in the state were invited t an emergency meeting with the governor last week on the matter.

He however said that the vigilante groups are working with the Nigerian Police.

Confirming the development, a vigilante leader in one of the border towns in Nkanu East Local Government Area in the state told our reporter that the development is true; “it’s true. We are going to meet with the governor. I was called on the phone and told that the governor is very sad about the brutal attacks on Ukpabi Nimbo. He won’t like a repeat of such an incident in his state. They said they are making arrangements to provide us with better weapons and support from the police to wade off any kind of criminal activity anywhere in Enugu State”, he said, imploring our reporter not to mention his identity.

He added; “we are happy because we have been helpless in the face of Fulanis. In our town alone, four persons have been killed this year. One was a pregnant woman and two were brothers, killed on different days by the dame Fulani murderers”.

He also warned some disgruntled elements of the community to desist from collecting bribes from Fulani alhajis and giving them a lee-way to enter the community and destroy crops, and kill with impunity.

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