BREAKING NEWS: Bomb blast rocks Onitsha, injures 7

Reports reaching Jungle Journalist reveal that there was a bomb blast im Onitsha on Tuesday night.

According to sources, the bomb was detonated at a local restaurant in Kara area of Ogbaru, a town close to Onitsha in Anambra State, May 2, 2016 at about 8pm.

Eyewitnesses confirmed the blast, and said that the bomber is a middle-aged man believed to be from Northern Nigeria who pretended to be a traveller who needed a restaurant where he could “eat for N150”.

“The bomber is a man who came to the area, mostly populated by Northerners, and asked for a restaurant to eat for N150. He was directed to the eatery where he dropped his bag and asked for food. He ate a few spoons of the food and left the place,” the eyewitness said.

“Unknown to the people, he left behind a bomb in his bag which was later detonated about 5 minutes after the mystery man left, and injured seven people including a woman identified as Chioma.”

Seven people were reportedly injured in the blast. The victims were taken to a private hospital, Chioma Hospital.

According to our source, three of the victims who were critically injured were transferred to St. Charles Borromeo Hospital in Onitsha.

“The bomber spoke with a northern accrnt, he looked haggard, like a traveller. Nobody suspected he had evil intentions,” another eye-witness. “I can’t believe Boko Haram has come to Anambra. This is terrible.

Another witness said the bomb must have been a petrol bomb.

Kara is a commercial area where traders from the North sell their food stuff, chicken, and rams and other goods.

Commercial sex workers also operate from the area which shares a perimeter fence with SS Peters Catholic Church, Nkutaku.

Security agencies had already visited the scene and cordoned off the crime scene when Jungle Journalist arrived the scene.

Among those who visited include deputy commissioner of police in charge of operations (DCP – Ops) for Anambra State, Mr. A. J. Kokoma. He was accompanied by a team of policemen which included the divisional police officers (DPOs) of police stations close to Kara. Also, the DPO of Okpoko, Fegge, and Onitsha Inland Town were present at the scene of the bomb blast.

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