Massive protest against Fulani herdsmen holds in London tomorrow

Westminster City Council ( the seat of the British Government ) have given Permission to Nigerians living in the UK to organise a mass Protest against the ongoing  Fulani Herdsmen Massacre in Nigeria.

Join  the global outreach, LONDON PROTEST,  to stop the bloodthirsty Fulani Herdsmen ravaging  Nigeria.
Venue: Procession from Nigeria High Comission to UK Parliament Building .

Date : Tuesday May 3, 2016.
Time : 11:00 – 13:00
SOS to all who are concerned about making Nigeria a safe and better place.

Further Details:
The group will target prominent British leaders to convey their message including the Queen of England, the British Prime Minister and all British Members of Parliament.

International media organisations BBC, CNN, AlJazeera ,VOA, FoxTv, SkyTV, Ben TV, Evening Standard, Guardian UK  and others have indicated interest to cover the protest in London on May 3,2016.


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