Igbo National Council to youths: ‘Defend our land against Fulani!’-PRESS STATEMENT

It’s with utmost disappointment we read on the pages of newspapers and the social media, the wanton attack, destruction of farmland, properties and invasion and killing villagers by the purported Fulani herdsmen / gunmen in Enugu and other parts of ala-Igbo.

The Igbo National Council (INC) wish to condemn in its totality the arbitrary grazing of farmlands by the nomadic Fulani herdsmen and the use of dangerous weapons to attack farmland owners and community people who opposes their action.

It’s most disturbing to note that the purported Fulani herdsmen will come to ala-Igbo to destroy our farmlands and still have the gut to attack and kill community people with impunity.

On the foregoing, the Igbo National Council (INC) call on the Igbo Youths to rise up in their numbers now to defend the Igbo land, we also urge all the pro-Igbo groups where ever they are to begin to mobilize, organize and take patriotic actions to defend the Igbo Race and Humanity in general against another pogrom.

We can no-longer fold our hands and watch helplessly the orchestrated program of annihilation of the Igbo race in Nigeria.

In view of the above, the Igbo National Council (INC) call on the Inspector General of Police to immediately constitute a National Task Force to commence a stop and search of the nomadic herdsmen, arrest and prosecute any of them found with dangerous weapons and those who graze on farmlands with crops.

The Igbo National Council (INC) wish to state unequivocally that, if drastic action is not taking against these nomadic herdsmen now by the Nigeria Federal Government, a time may come not too far when communities will take up arms against these nomadic herdsmen as the only option to protect themselves and their communities from being wiped-out by the purported herdsmen.  If we get to this stage, it may spell doom for the security of the Nigeria Nation.  A stitch in time saves nine.


Chilos Godsent-President, INC, and
Zulu Ofoelue-General Secretary, INC

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