Nigerians in London hold mega protest against Fulani murderers next Tuesday

The coordinators of the May 3 2016  planned London protest are insisting that the plan to carry out the peaceful protest remains  despite the presidency call on security chiefs to step into the terror attacks on farmers and community residents  in the middle belt and Southern part of the country.

The organizers call on all interested parties taking part in the protest against the butchering of farmers on their farmlands in Nigeria not to be deceived by the presidential announcement on the carnage, claiming that the president’s new intervention is belated and is  distraction ploy to confuse on the protest plan.

On Tuesday night, concerned Nigerians across the World commenced efforts to inform the World on the situation in Nigeria where Fulani cattle rearers  are carrying out wanton killing of farmers from other parts of the country, armed with sophisticated weapons. Many across the country see the stance of the normads   as an opportunistic exploitation of the seat of the president thinking they are untouchable and parading arms supplied by their god-masters, some of who are rumored to be stakeholders in the government.

London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers Protest London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers EvilHerdsmen
London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers

Although the president announced on Wednesday night  that the Nigeria national security and the Armed Forces and Police should take all necessary action to stop the carnage, such call was coming after the Diaspora caught-in and articulated plans to organise protests in denounce of the carnage.
According to United Kingdom based organisers of the protest,  the president’s late statement  had sold out the nation’s security services as cowards who are incapable of defending the people of Nigeria, maintaining the announcement had been belated, coming after London had announced the protest plan to draw World attention to the terrorized Nigerians plight. About a thousand farmers and community residents have been killed since January this years in a spate of wide-spread gun attacks as the herdsmen encroach on farmlands to graze their cattle on green grassed farmlands.

Mr Dare Lasisi, is one of the organisers. Protest London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers dare1
Mr Dare Lasisi, is one of the organisers.
One of the activists, Mr Dare Lasisi questioned: “Where is the presidential voice prior to the announcement of the coming protest”. Mr Lasisi, who is also a London based blogger responding to an interview with the London based As-It-Is-News online media forum added that the action of the Nigerian security services during the recent attacks had portrayed security connivance with the marauders putting up deliberate inaction which has earned many people including children, women and head of family breadwinners their lives.

Another activist, Chidi Cali queried the logic behind the government inaction since the carnage spiraled, alleging that a responsible national security team would not have to wait for presidential order before taking action against acts of terrorism and mass killings against citizens. According to him, the inaction had further sold the nation’s security to the World as irresponsible and ineffectual. He said there was no going back on the planned protest.

Ace broadcaster and  the spokesman of Nigerian Union of Journalist UK Chapter, Mr Lashley Oladigbolu also charged the Nigerian security of betraying the trust of Nigerians: “The Nigerian security services have sworn to defend the Nigerian nation and her people against every act of oppression. If they fail to do so, we owe the people the responsibility to voice for them and make their voices hard across the World”.

Chidi Cali: The protest must go on Protest London Protest Against Herdsmen Must Go On, Say Organisers Chidi
Chidi Cali: The protest must go on
The organisers urged Nigerians not to be fooled by the statement from the President adding that currently, there is presidential deception of the people as no strong voice had come from the nation’s leadership in condemnation of the killings across the country until the current mass protest had been announced.

Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh, one of the coordinators of “Say No To evil Herdsmen” lending her voice said Nigerians would not take the president seriously unless he( the president) fishes out the sponsors who supply guns to the herdsmen, the Nigerian public would not take his voice seriously.

“Where are the guns coming from if not from those Fulani cattle traders and associates  close to the government?. We need more explanation from the government to do and the president must prove that the armed gangs are not from the seat or corridors of power”

The blood sucking itinerary cattle rearers owned by suspected political super-lords for years have unleashed mayhem on innocent citizens from across the regions of Nigeria terminating innocent lives at will and threatening to  kill more if they stand on their way as they take their cattle to various farmlands where innocent farmers tilling their farms are killed in cold blood for disallowing the abuse of their crop land.

Many of the herdsmen are armed with AK-47 and other short-guns, killing at will whoever stands on their way from allowing their cattle to graze over land with green grass.

“Who supplied the guns and who are the sponsors of the herdsmen”, he questioned, adding that until a satisfactory answer to this questions are asked, Nigerians in the Diaspora will continue to motivate for protests.

In his own reaction, a youth motivator and Public Affairs commentator, Mt Akintokunbo Adejumo wondered on how the Nigerian president took so long to react on the mass killing.  He posted on his Facebook page:”Why did it take the President this long to react, after many deaths and destruction?. The question articulates what has been on the minds of the generality of Nigerians, particularly

The protest organisers  are urging those coming to dress-up in black clothing in order to be in the true frame of appearance “To mourn our departed compatriots”.
The organisers are also reminding Nigerians that this isn’t APC VS PDP matter but an issue that concerns us all and a war against Fulani Killers Herdsmen.

The march is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 3rd May at 11 am – 1pm to commence from the Nigerian High Commission on Northumberland Avenue to the UK Parliament Building at Westminster, London.

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