How security aided Fulani murderers to kill my people – Anigbogu

Madam Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu, a native of Uzo-Uwani, where Fulanis carried out their attack on Monday, have revealed how she got wind of the attack and promptly informed security agents, only for them to be withdrawn on the morning of the attack, just before they struck. 

Anigbogu, who spoke from Enugu told Junglejournalist on the telephone that she is pained that there are reasons to believe the attack was carried out with the assistance of some security agents.

She said: “I got hint of this planned attack against my kinsmen on Friday last week by 12noon and I called some stakeholders in the state and adequately informed them.

The Fulanis on Friday afternoon were boasting in Nasarawa State when they were about leaving for Enugu State, how they will deal with us, not knowing that an Nsukka man was listening to them. 

He asked them where in Enugu State and they mentioned Uzo-Uwani. The Nsukka man luckily, is my friend, and he called me immediately and alerted me what was on board.

“I made calls across the board immediately and the governor dispatched security men immediately. A combined team of the military and police mounted road blocks at Obolo for thorough stop and search. Some were dispatched to my town. Early morning of Monday, by 0400am, the DPO in my local government recalled the Mobile police officers and not up to 30 minutes later, these animals attacked my kinsmen from the bush. They entered from Kogi State through the bush”. 

She wondered why the officers were withdrawn: “I told them that these people are above 200 in number. Why not dispatch enough security in anticipation of countering their numbers?

“Why should the DPO recall his men at the location of this incident without first making arrangements for replacement? Why should the attack occur barely few minutes the MOPOLs left?”

She went on to express fears that the attackers were still lodged in the forest waiting for her people to return and be attacked again: “How am I sure that many of the Fulanis and their mercenaries who are from Niger Republic and Mali are not still in the bush possibly waiting for my people to start coming out probably going to farm, only for them to launch another attack? Why can’t the security on ground now do serious security combing inside the bush to assure us of safety?”

Anigboogu also expressed regrets that her people will never be able able to go to farm again, for obvious reasons, and warned that the Federal Government, led by Buhari may be sued to Court for genocide and plan of a secret agenda, aiding and abetting, complacency and conspiracy.

She equally told our reporter that the suit will affect the Enugu State governor and the IG of police for their negligence in their primary functions of safeguarding lives and property of the citizens especially when they have gotten hint of an attack; as the Fulanis in the area represented by their seriki for gruesome murder and wanton killing of innocent citizens. 

“My people deserve justice. Their fundamental human rights have been grossly abused. We are helpless. We need assistance from the international community since the government are not really doing much to salvage the situation.”

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