RIVERS KILLINGS: CLO warns APC Civil Liberties Organization Press Release on political killings in Rivers State

Civil Liberties Organization in the South-south wish to warn against futile efforts by dissident groups, parties and individuals, particularly the so-called All Progressives Congress, who have expressed ritual delight in the wanton destruction of properties and massacre of more than thirty people across Rivers state particularly in the Ogoni axis among others between January 2016 and now by the Nigerian Army.

CLO further views as insulting a statement credited to a certain character that calls himself Ibiamu Ikanya wherein he in his acclaimed capacity as APC chairman of Rivers state, timidly and mischievously alleged that the Rivers state Governor, Nyesom  Wike sponsored the CLO in its petition to the House of Representatives over the killings in Ogoni land and the rest parts of Rivers state resulting in the fact finding visit by the House Committee on Army to the state and indeed Ogoni land.

Whereas it is beneath the dignity of CLO to join issues with such groups and characters such as the self-styled  publicists, the CLO states for the records that it obligatorily wrote a
petition to both the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives with the permission of those affected and members of the House Committee on Army which is made up of members of various political parties, which commenced  hearing on the petition without any inducements except that the mindless and insensitive APC in the state is uncomfortable with the ongoing investigation, thus raising justifiable reasons for suspicion of complicity in the killings.

The CLO being the mother of all Civil/Political Rights organizations in Nigeria in furtherance, states for the umpteenth time, that the statement of the so-called Ibiamu Ikanya and his APC political group is not only false but it is an insult on the parent and founding  civil rights movement in Nigeria and indeed Africa as the Rivers state government has no hand in the said petition or investigation. It is totally a CLO affair and we have implicit confidence in the House Committee on Army and indeed the Federal House of Representatives to do justice on this matter.

May we therefore state that the CLO is not surprised by this show of desperation by the APC which has prodded itself in action to grab power in Rivers state at all cost, even if it requires the spilling of human blood, particularly in the Rivers South East axis of the state, giving its lack of concern for the plight of victims of military invasion in Ogoni land.

The CLO has curiously observed that on record, the so-called APC in the state has never for once condemned the mass killings of innocent Rivers people particularly in Ogoni land neither has it condoled with victims of the invasion. Rather it has by itself and through its known agents continued to justify the mass killings by the Nigerian Army as well as mock the dead and their bereaved loved ones.

May we state strongly, that the CLO will not be deterred in its commitment to fight for the political and civil rights of the people which is what it stands and has always stood for particularly when it championed the fight against military dictatorship in Nigeria which the so-called APC made no contributions to.

The questions begging for answers are?

1. Why is the APC in the state insisting that the dead in Ogoni must not get justice in the Army killings.

2. Why has the APC not condemned the killings in Ogoni by the Army?

3. Is it out of order to suspect the APC’s complicity in the said killings in Ogoni land?

4. Why has APC and its chairman not joined the Rivers state government and the civil society and particularly families of the victims to demand justice for the dead?

5. Why has APC and its Chairman insisted that the Army must remain in Ogoni to continue to kill and maim innocent Nigerians living in Ogoni land?

6. Is the APC exhibiting a silent consent by turning blind eyes to the plight of Ogonis whom it deceptively seeks vote from?

7. Whether the allegations of Solomon Ndigbara requires any further confirmations or proofs?

8. Who from the instant developments deployed the Army to kill Ogonis?

The CLO in the Southsouth will not hesitate to fight to a standstill and clip the wings of anyone individual or group in the guise of a political party, who seeks to jeopardize and sabotage the political rights and interest of Rivers state or any part of the Southsouth.

Signed, for Civil Liberties Organization (South-south zone)

Chinedu Karl Uchegbu
Zonal chairman

Styvn Obodoekwe
Zonal Director

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