Visafone Lines to Migrate As MTN Takes Over Service after Acquisition

The last surviving CDMA network in Nigeria, Visafone is now reborn as a GSM service and now owned by MTN and all VISAFONE lines are powered by MTN after a successful acquisition by Africa’s largest telecom service provider MTN.

All Visafone users are to migrate manually to MTN network. Visafone Customer Migration is a service that migrates Visafone number to the MTN network and function as a GSM service.

As a Visafone Customer you’re required to perform the migration process because Visafone is now owned by MTN and all Visafone lines will now be powered by MTN.

It is required that existing Visafone users change their number, they still retain their old Visafone number on the MTN network. All tariff plans remain unique to Visafone.

To perform the migration, visit any Visafone or MTN store near you. It is FREE and will be fully activated within 24 hours. Sadly, any data or airtime balance you have will not be retained however you’ll be duly compensated after the migration

After the migration, you will not be able to recharge with Visafone vouchers you will now recharge with MTN using MTN recharge code *555*voucher pin#

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