100 Nigerians languish in Indian prisons for drugs

No fewer than 100 Nigerian youngsters are presently languishing in detention facilities in India, just as a new deadly drug is speculated to have crept into the country. Details of the newly discovered drug of death remain sketchy but authorities say it has almost devastating potentials as cocaine and heroin when consumed. The drug, according to an Interpol source is known as Khat leaf and that it is now competing with other known drugs at black markets in some Asian countries. It could not be immediately confirmed if operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are aware of the Khat plant but an independent source at the Lagos office of the Agency hinted that the operatives actually put their ears to the ground while watching with Eagle eyes Meanwhile, the detained Nigerians were said to have entered into India through student visa. The detainees were said to be involved in transport and supply of Khat leaves, narcotic substances and allied illegal drugs. Information at our disposal has it that places like Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills Filmnagar, Medipatnam and Yousufguda in West Zone limits were lately discovered to be the hubs for cocaine sale. Investigation by Newswatch Times revealed that the alleged involvement of the detained Nigerians peaked with the police received reports on illegal drug sales. The police in the country reportedly raised special teams that finally busted some gangs involved in supplying opium and cocaine. At the end of the raid, and coalition of cases, Indian police were said to have registered 5,900 cases of opium in the city of Hyderbad alone. It was also gathered that 166 cases of cocaine sale or use were registered in 2014 as compared to 174 cases of cocaine and no case of opium in 2013in the city. Indian government said many foreigners; especially Nigerians were involved in smuggling Khat leaves to the city from various countries and that 200 cases were registered in this regard in 2014.
Interpol source informed our reporter that recently, Hyderrabad police nabbed 60 in connection with the transport of drugs. Of them, 40 are Indian nationals and the rest foreigners. Our source said that opium is easily available at every nook and cranny in the city and many people from the districts were involved in the transportation of the substance to the city. It was further revealed that many hookah centre management provide opium to customers in different flavours to attract customers said a police from the Anti- Narcotic Cell. Police raiders, according to our source soon discovered the involvement of many Paan shops who offer opium at lower prices.

Newswatch Times


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