Bayelsa community desert homes over quakes in the earth

Indigenes of Okordia Clan in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State yesterday abandoned their homes in fear of a possible earth quake following an earth tremor that happened in the area.

Daily Trust gathered that no fewer than 50 buildings have their walls cracked by the strange occurence,while many of the indigenes of the community attributed strange earth tremor to the years of oil exploration activities by oil multinationals.

In a fact- finding  visit to the area yesterday,the Paramount Ruler of the Community,Chief Franco Daniel,said the incident occurred at about late evening on Wednesday and caused panic in the community.

Said the monarch:”I was sleeping when my daughter rushed into the house shouting that the ground is seriously shaking.I rushed out and observed many of the indigenes running helter skelter in fear.Many of us believed it is due to the years of neglect by Oil multinationals.”

The Commissioner of Environment,Mr. Inuiro Wills, who was also in the fact finding visit said though the preliminary investigation during the tour of impacted buildings with cracks showed the seriousness of the incident,it could be a warning. He however assured the indigenes of the community that government would not wait until an earth quake happens in the state.

Wills said “we have spoken to many of them and they reacted spontaneously.We have been shown around and we have seen cracks.Some of them may not be too evident and long. But some are queit long. it could be a warning and we will not also jump into conclusion.”

Credits: Daily Trust


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