Why the APC is fighting Jonathan, by Omezue Slik

All this noise about regime change is not to salvage and reposition Nigeria because if President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan says today that he won’t contest the 2015 election and would rather support a Northerner, these are what would happen:


APC would collapse like a pack of cards;

The G-5 governors would return to PDP;

The PDP lawmakers that want to defect to APC would kill such idea;

OBJ would deny ever writing that provocative letter to GEJ;

The meeting going on at Ota Farm now would end in fiasco;

Nobody would cry about increase in corruption in this government;

APC would never mention the word ‘impeachment’ again;

Buhari and OBJ would continue with their “cold war”;

Boko Haram terrorism will disappear;

Sanusi would be attacked by the media for lying against GEJ;

Tambuwal and GEJ would become best of friends;

The Media would praise GEJ and his numerous achievements;

ASUU would be attacked by APC for going on strike;

The hatred for GEJ by the north would turn to love;

The north would praise how our economy has grown under GEJ;

The numerous insults on the office of the president by El-Rufai, FFK and others would turn to praises;

If you are ignorant of these facts above, then you’re naive of the Nigerian politics.

The regime change call is just for the vampires holding this nation down to continue with the bastardization of Nigeria. This was how late Gen. Azazi was harassed and his office insulted even when he was working so hard to unravel the Boko Haram issue, but now that we’ve Dasuki, has he or his office been insulted by any Northerner? Have Boko Haram stopped bombing/killing? Is he more competent than Azazi?

GEJ has the constitutional right to contest the 2015 election. No one can stop him. Even if he says he doesn’t want to contest, we would force him and make sure he gets reelected!

Nigeria cannot continue to be held at ransom. Gone are the days!


OMEZUE SLIK, a public commentator writes from Singapore


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