Nigeria’s biggest pastor erects occult symbols all over university terrain


Nigeria’s biggest pastor, David Oyedepo, the owner of Winners Chapel, also known as Living Faith Church World Wide, the richest pastor in the country, with a net worth of over 150 million dollars has been exposed by bloggers via internet Google-earth satellite imagery of his establishment to have constructed the entire campus based on occult, masonic symbols.

Isis Egyptian goddess symbols, 66, star of David, $ symbol, Baphomet ram god, and more symbols can be observed by simply googling ‘Covenant University,’ and clicking on and expanding the Google map.


Covenant University is located in Canaan land in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria and is a Private owned Christian University. According to Wikipedia, it is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The University describes itself as an institution that makes new leaders. The type of leaders, and their earthly, spirit world or other allegiances is a worthy question.

The scary University also partners with USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

David Oyedepo studied in the United States during his younger days. He got a Ph.D from the Honolulu University, Hawaii in Human Development. It is common place for “Illuminati” agents in Africa to have passed through college in the United States, during which time it is proposed that they got indoctrinated. Dr. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the leader of Liberia and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala of Nigeria are two such examples cited by Illuminati researchers.


In December 2012, the University was in the news for reportedly expelling 200 students for not attending Church service.

Bishop Oyedepo has also been in the news for his quality lifestyle, owning private jets, “Dominion Air,” and got into many Nigerian blogs’ hall of fame, for openly slapping a lady in Church.

Millions of Nigerians attend Bishop Oyedepo’s Mega Church services and of course, pay tithes generously while there.

Nigeria is a country where the masses live in abject poverty.

These pictures say it all. Follow this link to view live on Google:,0,13330631619649973796&ei=kn_wUNboKZOC0QGs6YGQBw&ved=0CJEBEPwSMAM



5 thoughts on “Nigeria’s biggest pastor erects occult symbols all over university terrain

  1. What difference does his involvement with occult symbols make? Would it be better if he were just a pure Anglican evangelist? If the church and college did away with the occult symbols would that make his organization a good educational system for Nigerian future leaders?

  2. D spirit of God has burdened me tremendously concerning winners chapel provenance. We came to Jesus who promised to set us free indeed, but His so-called servant chastises us with scorpions terribly to d extent dat even though we sold lands, vehicles & other properties to sow in d building of canaanland, our kids don’t benefit from d church’s educational wing,especially d secondary & tertiary ones b/cos of d high cost. I insisted dat my kids must go to d secondary school & went for loan in d winners bank,& since den, I’ve been under terrible bondage. Try as I can, d repayment is never ending. D worse is dat d business I was doing, crumbled mysteriously. Now d demon of indebtedness is at my jugular b/cos d bank is on my neck to pay. Being a winner has not helped my case one bit. How den can Jesus who set me free turn around to put me into bondage in His supposed servant’s hand? I wonder ooo!

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