Newswatch…frontline brand returns with a bang, goes daily with bumper edition



Readers and customers of Newswatch, the frontline Nigerian news magazine, will have every cause to smile as their darling publication is back with a bang. The rebranded magazine will hit newsstands on February 15, 2013 in a 120 page colour on a mechanised paper. Interestingly, the Newswatch brand has equally gone daily with bumper edition as the maiden edition (starting with weekend titles) of Newswatch newspaper hit the newsstands on January 19, 2013.

The repackaged magazine, which is printed abroad, is expected to compete favourably with the best magazines in the world, such as Times, Newsweek etc, especially in area of quality, volume and aesthetics. But that is not to say that the magazine will be relinquishing its beautiful prose tradition that it was known for.


In fact, it is coming out even much stronger in that aspect too. Publisher and Chairman of Board of Directors of the paper, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, OFR, had announced the suspension of the Nigeria’s oldest news magazine in August last year to carry out a process of turnaround and re-branding.

The business mogul, who acquired majority stake in the company in May 2011, had said during the suspension, “I commend the publishers of The News magazine for operating in a modern office with new technology, while I see the Tell magazine’s facelift and re-branding as unprecedented in the history of Nigerian journalism.

Newswatch cannot be an exception to modern changes and the old style must go once and for all.” The billionaire businessman, who is also the publisher of National Mirror, had assured the readers and the customers that it would return to the newsstands “as soon as the surgical operation is completed and the magazine is re branded.”

Barely six months after, the magazine, which is published by Newswatch Communications Limited, is returning with a bang. Again, it is set to blaze the trail in developmental journalism.

According to the management, the magazine is focusing on this emerging area of journalism in developing countries because it aids individual and national development.

Other areas which the magazine is known for, will not be ignored as well. Similarly, the Daily Newswatch, which is printed and published by Newswatch Newspaper Limited, with head office at 159/161 Broad Street, Lagos, is still enjoying warm reception from the public since its maiden edition hit newsstands last Saturday. Daily Newswatch, according to the management, is an A-list newspaper, which means that it is targeted at the upper class, but will not serve purely as the voice of the bourgeois.

The management further said that it is a whole package that keeps the entire family with it so that they don’t have to go elsewhere , adding that it is 96 pages of well researched, well packaged and well written newspaper.

No wonder, it says in its vision statement which reads in parts: “Our promise as a newspaper is to establish a tradition of truth and independence, thereby giving a pragmatic voice to the voiceless, empowering the powerless in the society populated by few powerful men of selfish desire and voice that have over the years drowned goals and aspirations of the greater number…”


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