Do not spill Igbo blood: Response to MEND’s press release by Onyema Uche


1. I completely sympathize with your cause and understand the anger that led to this threat. You are a people so terribly deprived and disadvantaged by the federal governments of Nigeria since 1980. I want you to know that you have a right to your anger but you do not have any right to destroy human lives because you are angry. The sentencing of your leader or one thereof to life in South Africa, when no leader of Boko Haram who kill and maim lives in Nigeria has been arrested or tried is despicable. The fiat with which the trial was executed if anything is selective justice, application of double standard, and questionable. It is unfortunate that in Nigeria only the poor, the downtrodden, the weak and powerless pay the price of justice. This is what has befallen you and I understand.

2. It is obvious that you want equal justice and equity for all in Nigeria. You want freedom to manage your resources and I agree that your demand is legitimate. However recall that Ndigbo fought for freedom but your people betrayed us and fought alongside our common enemy, Nigeria. Ndigbo fought for justice and liberation but you stood against us. Now more than forty years after; that same enemy you married in that unholy fraternity has become your mortal persecutor, oppressor and enemy. Fight your cause but remember Ndigbo was a solution but you rejected us.

3. Your zeal for social justice, equal rights and freedom of association and freedom to be a people is justified under human rights charter. The world has heard your voice but Nigeria has not seen your reason because of the greed of her leaders. However I am embarrassed by the fact your fight for justice and freedom excludes other ethnic group’s right that has need of the same thing you are fighting for. Ndigbo has been fighting for the release of their properties declared ”abandoned by a federal decree and state edict since 1979. I am wondering why you chose to remain quite over this injustice. Is it because it is the Igbos? If it were your properties declared abandoned in the South Eastern states would you not fight for it? As you fight for your right remember that he who comes to justice must come with equity. This fight against injustice must start from the beginning. Tell your governments to release Igbo properties they sold to their citizens. We need justice as much as you do.

4. Do not spill any Igbo blood as you threatened to deal with all government officials from 1999 to present. If you spill any Igbo blood you would be opening a healing wound. No Igbo man who has served the federal government did any wrong to you. They are our sons and daughters, and we love and cherish them. Do not touch our own and do no harm to any of us. If you do, history would not be kind to you. Ndigbo have fought many wars for justice. Ndigbo are still fighting for freedom. To transgress into our pain and suffering would spell doom for any cause you are fighting for. I am saying this because an Igbo proverb says: ” a mad man said that since death has decided to kill older people, death should be careful of his parents because when anything happens to any of his parents he would be madder than he ever was”. 
5. It is well that you addressed the federal government still it is imperative to advice you to choose your targets carefully. Be aware that we have reached the limit of endurance. We have retreated even to the banks of the seas further pushing would be resisted. I understand your grievances but I do not see why you never fought for justice to all, and never condemned injustice meted to us by your governments and people. This makes me to ponder and wonder if you are fighting for justice because it fair or because the system that oppressed us with your support has turned against you?
6. Do not forget it is your own brother that is in power. This is not being carried out by a Northerner or Westerner. It is the government of your people so do not transfer your aggression to any ethnic group. Demand justice for all because what is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

Onyema Uche writes from the United States of America


8 thoughts on “Do not spill Igbo blood: Response to MEND’s press release by Onyema Uche

  1. Onyema you said it all. Events are really showing what transpired. Only death can erase the past story. All who traded on the Arms are blowing open their links. Let who prefers to dine with the devil face what comes up. Leave them to MEND the fence they broke down. Let the battle line draw. Another diversion that may create temporary employment – THAT IS WAR.


  2. Let the mend not think they can fight because they have guns. they have never stood any war yet. they have never withstood wave jet fighters nor numerous amour tankers, neither have they destroyed any battalion before. let them know that we biafrans stood the world for three years without guns. let the pipe line militants allow the sleeping dog to sleep in their threat. let them not tamper with any igbo blood in nigeria government service less they open up an old wound.


  3. Dear Uche, in as much as I understand the thread of your argument but it would be unwise to make this MEND issue an Igbo vs MEND issue. It is important to let you know that much of the territory that produces Oil and which some of these groups have fought for are Igbo speaking groups. All those deprivations that you have pointed out were also inflicted on your brothers and sisters and not only on THEY. And please do not make haste to conclude that MEND members are only IJAW people – they have large membership from Igbo speaking groups both in Delta, Rivers, Abia and Imo States. This is authoritative as I have witnessed a funeral of one of them inside the Igbo heartland. We shall resolve the problem of the abandoned properties which was a gimmick by the Fulani oligarchy to put a sword between the Igbos. PH, remains an Igbo town and majority of the Rivers state also remains Igbo whether some people like it or not. That is the truth and cannot be wished away so, like we will say “isi mkpi di na akpa mkpi” We shall sit down one day and remove that sword but please, do not drag us into some misunderstanding with our brothers in MEND.


  4. When a good world was said,no need of talking again,the right up is the truth and nothing but the truth and i support the writer


  5. My sincere thanks to the author of the article or piece above about Mr Oka’s irresponsible and inhuman actions in Nigeria, against innocent Nigerians his well deserved Mr fate in South Africa.

    The true is that Mr Oka and his conspirators planned and committed crimes against God, humanity in general and Nigeria / Nigerians in particular.

    I thank the author of the piece above for his boldness of telling ”Nigeria” and ”Nigerians” their injustices against us (Baiafrans)

    But my questions is when will the downtrodden people of Baiafra live up to its expectations? When will the God given Kings of ”Nigeria cease to accept the meadiocer status of the underdogs in the so called Nigeria? Is it not time for the well meaning Baiafrans both home and abroad take legitimate steps to actualizing the ever dreams of our Late Dim Odumegwu Ikemba Ojukwu? Where are our intellectuals and politicians?

    It is now about 99 – 100 years since the evil union of Northern and Southern ”Nigeria” (amalgamation of 1914) by the Western colonial masters that brought us into collision course with nature? Wake up Baiafrans and live up to your destined promised land within the confinements of international law and not by violence of any sort.

    In conclusion, as long as we continue to go contrary to the course of nature which divided the so called Nigeria into three, peace and harmony will only remain a dream. Dogs and dingoes can never live together. though they look alike but the differences is still clear.

    Any average tamed Igbo man will never live in peace or harmony with the wild nomads and untamed Hausa or Bokoharams in North.

    Neither can an Igbo man live in harmony with our chameleous Yoruba brothers or traitors.

    And at the same it is good as things are unfolding itself in Nigeria, if not for any other thing, for our pseudo Igbo brothers from the riverine areas that do not agreed with the Igbos and fought the civil war alongside the nomads and the chameleons against the Igbos during the civil will learn a bitter lesson and have a rethink of their status in the so called Federation. What I mean is that nature divided Nigeria into three by both Rivers Niger and Benue


    1. I am very happy that well meaning Igbo intellectuals are speaking out. I was in Nigeria for 13 months and in the Law School and I observed, even among students from other tribes that one common thread that runs through the veins of an average Nigerian from non Igbo tribes, is the collective hatred of the Igbo race. I do not blame them. The way you regard yourself is the same way others will attach value to who you are. The Igbo man has passively and unconsciously accepted the crumbs that fall from the table of the Hausa man or the Yoruba man. Be that as it may, One thing is sure and that is that there is something peculiar about the Igbo man. It is a statement of fact that the good Lord did bless the Igbo man with skills and wisdom. Even if the people in power are trying to restrict our productivity, one thing they can never do is to rob us of our ability to think. The best is yet to come. We have to employ what we have to assert ourselves in Nigeria. The one thing that other tribes fear the most is the unity among the Igbo race but I believe, by God’s grace we will achieve it in our generation. I will second the warning Uche and Iwuji has given in their write ups and state that the blood of the Igbo man is so peculiar that it cries for vengeance anywhere it is spilled. The battle we have now is the intellectual battle and the gong for the battle cry will soon sound.

      Sylvester Onwudiwe


  6. God pls you your hand to solve this problem. Am smelling a drum of war this time around.My blood people Igbo let use Wisdom to show Nigerian that we are above them. Is true that our door is open that is why Hausa and Fulani kill us and go free but is time for us now to close the door. I will repeat it again i see a drum war very close. be vigilant because the our has come for we Igbo to take what belong to us. no more no less.


    1. Steve thank you for your piece of information above. Though I do not know how old you are and you might not have witnessed what the Igbos suffered during the Nigerian civil war. I do not subscribe to the idea of the drum of war you mentioned above because of what the Igbos or Biafrans suffered during the war.

      Remember that the whole Nigeria fought against the Igbos during the civil war even our brothers in quote from most part of River State, Akaibom, Cross River, Delta State, even the Igbo speaking areas of Delta State.

      Remember that the existence of the Igboman today in Nigeria is just by Gods special grace. The same God that delivered the Igboman then He alone can deliver the Igboman from his present predicaments, particularly of the conspirations of the North and the Yorubas against the Igboman.

      The problem we have among the Igbo Nation or Biafra is that we do not have any honest leader. What we have today in Igboland are sycophants as leaders, who do not have the interest of the Igboman or Igboland at heart rather their pockets. So my brother if you see anybody or group of people clamoring for war in ”Nigeria” report them to the appropriate authorities or if you do not know what to do, simply run 40/40 from such people because they are our (Igboman’s) enenies.

      As far as I am concerned, there are other ways of actualizing the dreams of every true and well meaning Igboman or a Biafram.

      This is through dialogue both at the ”national” and international levels. I am now around 57 years old. For at least more than 25 – 30 years ago now, I have been saying it that the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria is a deservise not only to the Igboman but also to nature because nature divided ”Nigeria” into three by Rivers Niger and Benue and the amalgamation in 1914 violated this divine principle hence these different peoples with different culture, religion, customs and traditions cannot live together as one because they are not. Can you mix water and oil? Definitely you cannot. So this is our problem in Nigeria.

      In conclusion we should advocate to going back to who and what nature made us to be. When I said us above, I mean that the confused entity called Nigeria should adhere to the call of nation by the simple fact that the Yorubas or the Chameleons, Hausa or Bokoharam North, and the Igbos should go their ways amicably. Otherwise because of the msacre of the Igboman that has been going on in Nigeria particularly in the North since the 1960s will reach to a boiling point that the Igboman might go back to cannibalism that our ancestors practiced hundreds of years ago as a result of anger and frustration over their bloods being spilt all these to the extent that anybody seen in Igboland that can not speak Igboland should not only be killed but mighy be killed and eaten out of anger and frustration. I know we are all angry over our predicaments particularly in the North. My prayer is that God who created us separately will not allow it to get to this point but that the same God will use His powerful hands to separate us as before the amalgamation in Jesus mighty name. Amem.



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