All colour, 96-page, Daily Newswatch launches website, Facebook page


Daily Newswatch, the newspaper arm of Newswatch Magazine,which was launched two weeks ago has finally launched its website. Titled, the website which became operational yesterday is already loaded with stories and photographs. 

The exquisitely designed website comes with a simple red and yellow design, which are the company’s major colours. Front pages of the newspaper are also displayed. Although the website is barely 24 hours old, it already has close to 100 likes on its Facebook handle. 


Jungle Journalist authoritatively gathered from sources that the Twitter handle of the newspaper will also be unveiled very soon. 

However, only the mastheads of Sunday and Saturday Newswatch has been published on the website. According to reliable sources, the reason is because the Daily newspaper has not been published yet. “Daily Newswatch will begin daily publication by February 9”, the source disclosed.


Daily Newswatch is the first 96 page, all-colour newspaper in Nigeria. The newspaper is designed to complement its original arm, Newswatch magazine, which also has undergone turn-around. The new newspaper in its maiden publication, stated:

 “Our mission as a newspaper is to establish a tradition of truth and independence thereby giving a pragmatic voice to the voiceless, empowering the powerless in a society populated by few powerful men of selfish desire and voice that have over the years drowned the goals and aspirations of the greater number.

We shall be a life-inspiring newspaper of unparalleled record. Different and bold, our style personified by the principle of truth and independence, reporting in highly elevated language, every specie of knowledge capable of creating happiness for the society devoid of bigotry.

We shall make a tangible contribution to this country and play a welcome role in the lives of its citizens and visitors, encouraging entrepreneurship among all, no matter who they are, no matter their faith or race.

This newspaper will not betray public trust by hiding behind the cloak of honest reporting to pursue personal revenge. While reporting without prejudice, none of our employees shall have the latitude to treat the paper as their personal fiefdom.

Our overriding philosophy will be to propel this country to an enviable pedestal as the true giant it was destined to be, where every child and adult are given a fresh sense of belonging as Nigerians and Africans.”

According to Jungle Journalist sources, Newswatch Magazine itself will begin publication later this week and is set to take its original place in Nigeria’s magazine market.

To visit Daily Newswatch, click here:

To like Daily Newswatch on Facebook, click here:



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