Sullivan Chime:Group advises Enugu State to apologize to its citizens for lies-a press release


16th January 2013.
His Excellency Sunday Onyebuchi
Acting Governor of Enugu State.
Thro: The Secretary of the State Government
Enugu State
Lion Building
Independence Layout

You may recall that we had on 7th January 2013, written to you on the above subject and essentially raised issue on the whereabouts and status of our Governor. We further suggested that some eminent sons and daughters of the state be constituted into a delegation to seek him out and report back to the good people of Enugu State, since we had lost confidence in the credibility of government information managers.
Well last Sunday 13th January 2013 specifically by 18.28 hrs. an investigative and credible online news service known as Sahara Reporters posted that our Governor was in a London hospital with serious health challenges. We have waited for government response to this breaking news to no avail. It is unfortunate that your government has not deemed it fit to deny or confirm the report.
This is against the backdrop of the official ENSG position that our Governor was on vacation enjoying his accumulated leave.
Today makes it FOUR MONTHS since the last public citing of our able Governor. We had always known that he would not stay away for so long on VACATION unless circumstances where above his control. Pro-actively we commissioned our own investigators who tracked him down to Wellington Humane Hospital Swiss cottage London.
It is therefore clear that all along officials of your government were lying to the people of Enugu State. The health status of any public official, particularly Chief Executives like a State Governor is not a private matter. The people have a right to know as invariably their tax is being deployed to take care of that officer.
In the light of the above we DEMAND
1. That your make a broadcast to the people of Enugu appraising then on the true situation of their Governor.
2. That you apologize on behalf of your government for all the falsehood dished out by your information managers.
3. That all persons involved in this grave misconduct be summarily sanctioned.
4. That you invite the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Enugu branch, ably led by His Grace Bishop Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma to organize an interdenominational prayer and fasting session for one week for divine intervention for our ailing Governor.
Finally please accept assurances of our regards and consideration.
For: Save Enugu Group
Maxi Okwu
Ikenecheoha II


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