Nigeria Rated Second Most Corrupt Nation In the World

Another heavy knock has come on Nigerian government as the newest rating on corruption indicates that the acclaimed giant of the Africa is the second most corrupt nation in the world.

The rating, according to a Gallup poll, shows that the rate of corruption in the country is getting out of hand.

Gallup, in it’s first-ever report on “Global States of Mind: New Metrics for World Leaders,” said 94% of Nigerians believe there is prevalent corruption in government.

The poll reveals that in the world, only Kenyans believe their government is more corrupt. About 96% of Kenyans said there is widespread corruption in their government – while only five percent of Singaporeans said their government is corrupt.

Last year’s revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, where GDP was rising, shows that world leaders need more than just GDP and other traditional economic metrics to run their countries.

“Economic data are becoming less and less valuable because they tend to be outdated by the time they are made available. More significantly, GDP is less valuable because leaders now need to know much more than what people are spending—they need to know what they are thinking; GDP isn’t enough if you are watching for instability,” said Jim Clifton, Gallup Chairman and CEO.

Clifton affirmed that GDP isn’t enough if leaders are trying to figure out levels of hunger, hopelessness, or suffering, stressing that the United Nations did not see those revolutions coming, neither did the World Economic Forum (WEF), nor the World Bank.

“The U.S. spends tens of billions on intelligence—and it missed those revolutions, too,” Clifton said.

Gallup’s World Poll spans more than 150 countries, territories, and areas, annually capturing what more than 98% of the world’s adult population is thinking on topics from basic needs to job creation. Gallup’s World Poll data set now includes more than 1 million interviews conducted since the research initiative started in 2005


One thought on “Nigeria Rated Second Most Corrupt Nation In the World

  1. I do not agree that Nigeria according to popular western consensus is the second most corrupt nation in the world. You have not met real corrupt countries in the Americas , Asia and Europe. Maybe doing undercover research work would give you that better insight rather than just accepting the norm. Nigeria becomes corrupt when every dick, tom and harry from all over the globe is not eating freely from its plate. How much is the corruption scale in Nigeria? Just because some pale looking person says so does not mean you should agree. Yes there is a level of corruption in every nation. A level of contamination that has been rooted from before this century. We can only uproot the tree of corruption and burn it from the roots. Then start planting afresh but who wants to wait for a fresh planting? Even the West that is lamblasting Africa does not want that. All they want is the everlasting resources that you have.
    Have you ever seen any billboard advert or TV advert of any European carrying a bowl or drinking dirty water or living in abject poverty and squalour when they really are? NO.But we get to be on TV like the olden days looking like the reject of the world and still we are the most corrupt?


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