Fani-Kayode Spits Rubbish Like An ‘Agbero’ On Facebook


“Who needs a job, you or me? I have many like you begging for crumbs at my feet and my gates every day. It is you and your goat fucking father that is jobless. Dirty Boko Haram animal like you. You are not fit to be served as meat for my dogs. You and your whole frigging family, now fuck off and move to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or somewhere like 

that. Nigeria despises your murderous parasitic type. Olori buruku. Banza” 

“@Olufemi Saliu, one thing that I cannot bear are ignorant and irreverant brats like u. Cant you just tell us your opinion, no matter how sleazy, how dumb, and how retrograde that opinion may be, without being rude? I really do wonder which gutter you were born in and what manner of creature gave birth to you?………. Are you so dumb? Did you ever go to school? Do you know the meaning of the word terrorist or islamist or jihadist? You still have so much to learn about such matters and your middle name must be ”naivity” or ”ignorance”………This is a wall for the refined, the enlightened and the intellectual and not for motor park touts like you. All shades of opinion are welcome but insults and rudeness are not and neither will they be tolerated”

To be sure FFK actually said those words of the first quotation; I unsuccessfully perused his wall to see what led to such unguarded vituperative outburst against a ‘responder’, Ibrahim Mohammed, to one of his numerous posts. As I was about to ignore the post on Soni’s wall since I could not confirm the veracity of the source, I stumbled on the second one directly from Mr. Fani-Kayode’s wall and that’s conclusive evidence for me that he actually authored the first one.
That Mr. Fani-Kayode is a very brilliant guy is indisputable. That he is a very trenchant public commentator, his new found love, especially since he has not been found suitable for any role by the current ‘lord-of-manor’ in Aso rock is also incontrovertible even as one many not always sign up with many of his controversial positions. But to think a man of his intellect and erudition would degenerate to this level of vulgarity is unpardonable ‘sacrilege’ for lack of better words. 
What is my interest in this you may want to ask? I’m not even Mr. Fani-Kayode’s friend on Facebook but he is my ‘brother’ from ‘the Source’ along with Dr. Akin Mo Awofolaju among our common friends. But besides that and on a more serious note, Mr. Fani-Kayode is a former Federal Minister and a former presidential spokesperson and those words he ‘deployed’ to express his umbrage to attacks or whatever you want to call it from his readers speak volume about the manner of men who superintend over our affairs. No matter the level of provocation or who the provocateur is, Mr. Fani-Kayode’s raffishness in online political discourse is simply mind-boggling. I will advise him to henceforth employ more decorous words even in the face of provocation and unwarranted attacks if he wants to be taken serious as opinion molder. He may even find some anger management classes useful.
I know with Mr. Fani-Kayode’s celebrity status, this unsolicited admonition may not resonate with his numerous ‘admirers’ on this fb but, hey, if you dish it out; you must be able to take it also. Mr. Fani-Kayode wants his wall to be for “refined, the enlightened and the intellectual and not for motor park touts” but I think those words of his conformed with the latter rather than the former.


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