ANOTHER ALUU TREATMENT IN LAGOS: Armed robbers shot and burnt by vigilante-Viewer discretion advised!

ImageSome dare-devil armed robbers were this morning intercepted by a vigilante unit of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) and killed, before being given the Aluu treatment of burning.

Reports reaching our news stables has it that a gang of 7 or 9 armed robbers looted a house around Olateju/Vono area of Mushin, Lagos. They were intercepted by the vigilante group keeping guard of the vicinity. In a shoot-out, two of them, one a woman, escaped. Among the escapees was a lady who was seen in a white garment like the popular ‘sutana’.

Unluckily, five of them, who were reported to have waited to have held a face-to-face fire-for-fire affair with the vigilante group, met their Waterloo as they were overpowered and killed by the vigilante bullets.
They were afterwards burnt to beyond recognition.

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