ADVERTISEMENT: invitation from IgboDum, first all-Igbo social network

PLEASE join IgboDum today. IgboDum is a social network developed to help people of Igbo descent to keep up with relatives, track families and unite with friends everywhere in the world. It is meant to build a stronger bond for the Igbo nation, as well as socialize. It is like Facebook, but unlike Facebook, it is exclusively designed for IGBO people, and any other people of IGBO descent everywhere in the world, including nations like Haiti and Gabon, where IGBOs have formed a large part of the population- Igbo nations.
The social media is also a platform for the advancement of IGBO causes, nationality, language, culture and pride, among which Biafra is prime. It is also very easy to use. Feel free to join and also invite your friends. Members are free to use electronic tools to upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.
Follow the link or invite others to join:


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