FCDA set to demolish 37 more estates in Abuja by NGOZI EMEDOLIBE

In spite of the controversies being caused by the recent demolition of 500 housing units in Abuja, the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA has concluded plans to pull down more buildings located within at least 37 estates in the Federal Territory. This was revealed Wednesday morning by the Deputy Director, Development Control Unit, at the Federal Capital Development Authority,(FCDA), Madaki Tayyab during a radio interview he granted an Abuja based station monitored in Lagos.

According to the FCDA official, these estates are located mainly at the Lugbe area of Abuja. “We will soon begin to demolish 37 more estates because their construction also contravenes the law. Before we go on to demolish, we usually notify the developers of their mistakes. But some of them will not pay attention. We want to maintain the master plan of the city as articulated from the onset. All these developers have been severally warned about the laws controlling constructions but they usually go on”.

He also foreclosed any chances of subscribers and developers being compensated by the FCDA for the money they have lost. “Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that, because we do not just roll out the bulldozers. We only do that after we have warned the developers repeatedly. In some cases they continue to build in spite of the repeated warning which is regrettable.”

This recent plan to demolish more estates in Abuja is coming on the heels of a promise two days ago by the Senate to launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the demolition of the 500 housing units valued at over N3 billion at Minannuel Estate on the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road, Abuja.

SOURCE-National Mirror


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